the most absolutely funniest thing youll hear .

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  1. okay so im gonna try to make this short
    my freind got a new ipod and downloaded this video from youtube.(virtual barbershop)
    heres the link>>

    anyways later me and my friends get stoned and were on top of this huge hill, sitting on our skateboards ready to race like were in mario cart. and i notice that my friend is concentrating on his new ipod and i say "yea put on some fast rock song for the race". so were about to start and my friend says
    "wait, hold up i cant get the barbershop to start."

    i couldn't stop laughing mainly because he was so serious.

    the funniest thing i heard while high.:hello:
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    Lmfao, Omg I just geeked my ass off reading and listening to that. That thing is fucking amazing. It felt like i was actually getting a haircut
  3. that virtual barbor shop thing is hella tight im about to smoke and listen to it again :smoke:
  4. Is this more of one of those "had to be there" moments? =P LoL
  5. DAMN! I just listend to it again while im blazed and at like 4:20 the guy whispers into your ear when you have headphones and and like it creeped me the fuck out! I thought he was there and i opend my eyes and like jumped. That thing is so crazy
  6. Uh.....

    Wait... What?

  7. yup i forgot to mention that. but it was too funny

  8. yea imagine listen to that bombing down a hill.
  9. omg haha i just sat there and giggled the whole time when he was cutting my hair its fuckin crazy
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  11. damn that bag shit scared me
  12. do you absolutely need headphones to listen to it?
  13. bombing hills on the longboard is one of my favorite activities while high. If u squat down and really try to picture it you can feel yourself getting barrelled. Fucking amazing i highly reccomend it to anyone who has never done it. Skating while listening to psychadelic trance is pretty crazy too, like shpongle or infected mushroom. But your story makes total sense to me i can totally see how that would be really fucking funny these other people on the board must be sober

  14. no everyone was high.but yea bombing down hills when high is for sure one of the best and funniest things to do while high.

  15. yea you do need headphones for this to work properly. trust you will be amazed.

  16. yup pretty fucking crazy.
  17. The only thing that i wanna know is what kind of a fucked up barbershop is this where they put a paper bag over your head?? haha has that ever happened to anyone in real life?

  18. wow dude your a fucking genius! damn that shit didnt even cross my mind.

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