The Morning Burn Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Stickyicky1014, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So whats everyone toking on this beautiful Monday morning. Im going to blaze a bunch of bowls of some OG Kush then make about 5 waffles and sit down and watch harold and kumar escape from guantanmo bay. What is everyone else doing this morning?
  2. Ahh the good ol' waken bakes!:smoke: Good movie, I saw it in theaters... I hav a lil Alcohol, tiny bit of resin n $10, I need 2 smoke... haven't smoked in like in a month cept resin. :mad: But hopefully something will happen. :) Take a massive toke n hold it in 4 me! :smoke: Hav Fun! Peace!
  3. I deffintly will take a toke for you Nuggz!
  4. hell yeah man, just woke up its like 10 and im about to rip a few bowls and chill out and watch fear and loathing in las vegas.

    chyyeeeaa boy
  5. what you smoking on stauffer?
  6. i got about 3g of lemon kush chillin. bout to put a dent in that and then ima hafta pick up cuz i aint about to be budless
  7. i feel you i got about 3grams myslef of some killer OG Kush that im about to smoke .7 in a bowl and go to heaven then weat some waffles and watch a movie:)
  8. yeah man i feel u there

    now to start to hunt to find good bud in new jersey...wish me luck:D
  9. I just found three fat blunt roaches from last night!!!!!!!!! Nice now im about to get crazy stoned:)
  10. i know you got the connects bro, dont worry if you you want fire, they will come hahahah
  11. i got the connects but where im at its been mad sketchy wit bud. people tryin to pass off some VERY shitty dro as fuckin everything its not. people mad stupid here.
  12. well i just had a fatt ass bowl of some no name dank and now begins the morning
  13. Let em know, be like look bro, this aint no damn dro and it aint that good shit,s o why dont you stop bullshiting and get some real weed. You gotta let em know your upset with the product, if not they will continue to give you the sam shit. You know?
  14. i know im just workin on picking up a nice O right now...and im off!

    sill be back with some pics if i get some decent bud
  15. Make it a good one! Or 2 lol, Thats tight u found sum roaches! :smoke: The more the merrier! :)
  16. It's gonna be a good day tater!

    My breakfast of champs
  17. those nugs are nice and frosty
  18. Wtf it says the pics from 2002... right be4 420.
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    the time and date are wrong bc the batteries died the other day and i was too lazy to reset the time and whatnot.
  20. Woke up abbout 4:30am, smoked a bowl, came to work. Now I'm sobered up and at work....damn it.

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