The morning after I blaze... (not hangover)

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  1. Most Friday/Saturday night's, I toke with friends. On the weekdays, I normally toke alone. When I wake up from a good session last night, classical rock/reggae music sounds amazing. When I'm high, pretty music any song is good, and I do listen to music when I'm high.

    I thought maybe it's because I'm still a little high? But when I smoke by myself at night, I don't feel this way in the morning.

    Maybe it's because we are smoking more? Or it's more fun?

    Anyone else have something like this?
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    Are you smoking more to yourself with friends then you would be by yourself?

    How much sleep do you get with friends vs. alone? Your body performs maintenance on itself while you sleep, if you are sleeping less it may not be metabolizing as much THC, meaning you still feel a bit high when you wake up.

    And it could of course be placebo, you might just be in a better mood waking up from a good night with friends. Rather then waking up after a night of being alone
  3. When I'm not smoking daily, I usually feel it for most of the next day after, depending on how good it is.

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