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The more you smoke The less it takes to get high.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ~Stoned~, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. For a while I believed that the more you smoke the more it takes to get high. Recently though, I noticed that it takes me less to get high than it used to. I used to chief down a whole joiint and feel nothing now half a joint and I am blazed. I agree, if you go all chronic and smoke 24/7 never even experiance sobriety then yeah its going to take a bit more but I try and smoke once or twice through the day and more at night. Does anyone else think this could be true? What are your thoughts

  2. Also let me describe what happens. After I hit I kind of wake up and realize whats going on around me. It gets me out of the groggy sobriety stage. 2-3 hits later I dont feel much but after about 10 minutes I am like BA-/////AMMMMM I like just switch into the high life. Everything gets all screwed up for a minute and I am like wow this is nice XD I used to wait ... hell almost 30 min for the high to show up now I wait maybe 5-10
  3. Fuck no.;)
  4. smoking back to back yeah it takes less for me at least but i need A good amount and good shit to get stoned these days
  5. have you ever heard of something called tolerance
  6. I have heard of tolerance no need to be rude this is just a speculation that I have noticed with my personal self. I can smoke half a joint and be baked and it used to take way more. I would smoke 1 gram or more at once sitting and I can smoke a bowl and be high. It takes so much less and no I am not smoking anything good either. Just mids ya know?

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