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The more leafs in a set the danker the bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nivel Nadroj, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I had a friend yesterday whk tried to tell me the more leafs a weed plant has in a set the danker the bud.

    so essentially 9 leaf plants are always danker then 5 or 7 leafed plants.

    im curious if this is true and if it has anything to do with eachother.

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  2. im sure potency all depends on the strain and how it was grown flushed dryed ect.... more on the grower then how many leafs a plant has....
    but on a high guess if we wanted to be all technical more leafs would mean more energy being used on said leafs... so less time making beautiful buds when the time comes around... kinda like how when its sick and instead of growin it just heals itself and theres all that lost time
    idk :) ahaha

  3. The potency isnt determined by the number of leaves...thats just a genetic trait that is carried forward from a parent..the potency of any particular plant is also genetically determined regardless of the number of leaves.
  4. No truth in that, Grow some kick ass clones and you may only get 3 fingered leafs or singles but the bud is bad ass.
  5. Your friend is trying to sell you leaves.
  6. Oh the trolls this month.

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