The Monday Morning Carpet Roast

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  1. based on a true story

    Jimmy always wakes up early on Mondays to smoke marijuana. He likes to wake and bake immediately after his parents leave for work, and then proceed to make a large breakfast. Except this monday, Jimmy would be "dry" or out of marijuana. He forgot to turn off his alarm and awoke Monday morning at 8:30. He thought he hard his parents cars drive off. Jimmy was pissed off. When he wakes up he has a large amount of trouble falling back asleep. He was up for the morning. None of his friends were up, and he was bored out of his mind.

    Jimmy stood up to go to the bathroom and something sharp poked his foot. He looked down and there was a marijuana stem smashed into his carpet. He bent down to pick it up when he saw marijuana flakes all over his floor. From what he saw, it looked like enough to pack about half a bowl. Jimmy was very thankful that he was smoking some homegrown trainwreck.

    Jimmy began to pick up all the marijuana flakes he saw. By the time he packed half his bowl, it was only full with about a quarter of weed. The rest of it was fresh carpet :)

    jimmy smoked it and died, the end

  2. yo holmes, smell ya later.
    RIP Jimmy

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