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The Mixture

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by illcid, Aug 28, 2003.


    Miracle Grow Patio (contains trace elements) 1 teaspoon

    Epsom salts 1/2 teaspoon

    Human Urine (OPTIONAL - may create odors indoors.) 1/4 cup

    Oxygen Plus Plant Food (OPTIONAL) 1 teaspoon

    This mixture will insure your plants are getting all major and minor nutrients in solution, and will also be treating your plants with oxygen for good root growth, and potassium nitrate for good burning qualities. Another good GROWTH PHASE mix is 1/4 tsp Peters 20/20/20 fertilizer per gallon of water, with trace elements and oxygen added, or fish emulsion. Fish emulsion is great in the grean-house or outdoors, where smells are not an issue, but is not recommended for indoors, due to its strong odor.

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