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the Misconception that being 18 means total freedom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mos_def, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I hate when people on this forum criticize others with posts like "your 18 do what you want" or "fuck your parents your 18 they cant stop you"

    That is so stupid. People who say things like that don't realize that some of us are financially reliant on our parents. For some people, getting busted smoking weed can mean the difference between going to college and getting kicked out.

    I know if I tried to tell my parents "i'm going to smoke as much weed as I like because I'm 18" they'd stop paying for my college, sell my shit, and kick me out.

    Being 18 just means you are legally an adult. It doesn't give you permission to do anything you want..
  2. when people say, 'your 18 you can do what you want', they are presuming your not still sucking on your mommas teet. In other words, if your grown up and handle your own shit than you can be 18 and free from your parents. (financially and not needing to comply with their demands) Most people arent but some are.
  3. But it DOES mean exactly that. You CHOOSE to continue to rely on your parents for sustenance, but you don't have to. You make a choice to do so.

    This is what you don't understand and you won't until you make the choice to be your own person. Until then, you're still a kid.

  4. So choosing the smarter choice of recieving money to go to college is being a kid..okay im a kid then.
  5. It's practically impossible to pay your way through college unless you want to be paying back loans until you are dead. Sure, he can drop out and get a shitty job and not rely on his parents... but it's probably not the best choice in the long haul.

  6. i'm pretty sure accepting money for college so you don't go into debt for years. doesn't make you a kid.
  7. You guys are completely missing WW's point.

    Of course it's cheaper to stay at home, of
    course it's the smart move. But you can't just
    bitch about that and being 18 gives you no freedom
    when you're the one who put yourself there in the
    first place. If someone is giving you free rent and
    food, paying for your college what's there really to
    bitch about?

    You are 18, you have a choice to either stay with
    your parents, under their rules and beliefs, or go
    your own way with your "freedom".

    You made the choice so deal with it.

    No one will know real struggle until they're out on
    their own completely.
  8. 100% agree with you.

    If I told my mother, "I'm 18, I can go, do, and see whoever I want."

    She would proceed to kick me out, pull my college funding, sell my things/not let me have them back, THEN kick my ass.

    I understand what WW is saying by it being your choice, but I'd take being called a kid every day of the week so I can pretty much live for free under my mom's roof like I do.
  9. Usually it's only the ones that complain about their parents rules that get chirped by people telling them to move out. 18 yrs old and living with parents for financial reasons is completely understandable but if you can't stand their rules then GTFO or don't complain.
  10. well gee if the 'typical' college didn't cost $30,000-$50,000 a year, then yeah being 18 could probably mean being completely free. however, this isn't dreamland or france.

  11. I'm not complaining about lack of freedom, just that people who give the stupidest answers.

    if i posted a thread "parents think i smoke"
    and asked for help on how to convince them i dont,
    some smartass would be like "dude your 18 do what you want".

    i understand that as i am reliant on my parents i have to abide by their rules
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    Good post.

    I lived with my parents until I was 21. I am glad I did it.

    Luckily, my parents let me do as I pleased and recognized that I was an adult. I would smoke, drink, and bang girls. As long as I kept my GPA up I was fine.

    I remember having girls over, them leaving the next day, and my dad complimenting me. Pretty hilarious actually. I can honestly say that my dad has walked in on me having sex about three or four times. One time I was eating a girls pussy and he walked in, and I saw the look of horror on his face. HAHA I will never forget it.

    I'm 26 now and me and my dad have a really good relationship. I tried paying him back for my schooling and he refused. I hope to be half the man he was one day.
  13. OP sounds way underage.
  14. being 21 where its at. 18 is just a stupid reality check and is just a check point letting you know you can go to jail now yay.:hello:

  15. So this is a thread about post you don't like?
    Lol. Jk...kinda.

    Really there is no convincing them either way...
    I mean sooner or later they're gonna find out.
    Most parents do. It's just better to be up front
    with them than lie. I think that's what gets them
    more pissed off is that you lied. Oh well...you'll
    figure it out OP.
  16. I started working when I was 17, kept saving up money till I turned about 19. Moved out, and been out on my own since then...(only about a year) but I can honestly say it was a good move for me.

    Not so much because I needed freedom, my parents let me do as I wish...it was more me being responsible for myself. I like having to depend on no one but myself. I pay for my own schooling, ganja, clothes, necessities, food, rent etc. I wanted to be off on my own being independent..

    so of course its always a choice. Technically you ARE 18, and CAN do whatever you want (legally). Maybe thats what people refer to?
  17. This. +rep for saying chirped too, I thought I was the only one :hello:

  18. Not not really, its more about a trend i noticed with alot of people responding with those types of posts..

    And my parents know I burned. whats best depends on your parents because ive read stories of guys who told their parents and got kicked out and stories of people who told their parents and got smoked out by them. it varies.
  19. There is no magical age that makes one an adult. Legally, it is 18. However, that doesn't mean shit in practice.

    The older you grow the more adult you become. Nowadays, it is very popular for kids to live with their parents until they are 22 (the age most graduate from college). There is nothing wrong with that.
  20. +rep OP. I know what you mean while clearly a lot of people don't quite seem to understand. I'm pretty sure I just read that thread that made you make this one in the first place.

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