The Miracle Berry & Munchies

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  1. So I recently tried this "Miracle Berry" today (Synsepalum Dulcificum), which is a berry that, when chewed on, causes any sour citrus fruit to turn SWEET. :D
    The person who turned me on to it cut me a lime, told me to suck it to taste the sourness, then cut me a slice of the skin of this berry and told me to chew it good. Then after, I proceeded to taste the lime once again, and BOOM - MAGIC! The lime tasted as sweet as cotton candy! This is truly a taste "trip", lol...:hello:
    The effect only lasts about an hour, but I was wondering if anyone has tried this berry while under the influence of intense munchies? Thanks! :smoke:

  2. damn that sounds awesome, i wanna try it. What does it look like?
  3. yea dude its pretty gnarley! one of the strangest experiences of my life lol... made me question, what is really real? if we can trick our tounges to believe that a lime is sweet... what can we do with our minds? ;)

    i believe this is natures metaphor to convert a 'sour' s(h)ituation into a sweeeete one :D

    its a red berry, you can find it online! just chewing on half the piece of skin will produce the effect. :smoke:
  4. i just found out about this. i read that drinking dark beers taste real good also.
  5. Yeah I've done this. It's a trip, but i fucked up. I got the munchies real hard and downed way too many lemons and limes and fucked up my stomach something nasty. It's awesome, but not so much if you get carried away.
  6. for lack of a better word, lol ;)
  7. OP (or anybody else), where can you get the berry?

    I saw it on Dr. Oz show and really want to try it. Please recommend a reputable store or website, if you don't mind.
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    fuck the berry, whos the bird with the big titties :) slurp!

    Edit: Just ordered 10g freeze dried, thanks for the heads up... Looking forward to trying it our with cheese and the likes, some real dank sour blue cheese :)
  9. I am surprised this is not more well known, thanks for sharing this info.
  10. No prob :D

    did they ever arrive??
  11. I wonder how a nice bongrip would taste after chewing on that? :hippie:
  12. [quote name='"Rastafari"'][/quote]

    I loled so fucking hard at tht pic
  13. @sherak, i know this thread is a tad bit old lol, but i gotta resurrect it to satisfy my quench to know how your experience went?!?

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