The Minds Eye

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by ete23, May 16, 2011.

  1. The Minds eye is strange. You can imagine an image, even hold the image in thought. But, it seems you only capture the essence of the image you are trying to create in your head.
  2. I would be curious if you know of any verified chemistry or specific part of the brain that are used in the production of images in the mind's eye?
  3. I watched a documentary recently that sort of explained how the imagination works, but I can't remember the details really.. lol. I can give you a link if your interested though.
  4. definitely man please do
  5. OK. It only has a small part though.. like 5 minutes. But I'lll link it if you want.
  6. yeah go for it
  7. the image that our eyes see and our brain process occurs in the back part of our brain. we can interpret an image with light inside our skulls where there is complete darkness...trippy :smoking:
  8. the hipocampus (sp). Its where memories are stored. I'm only inferring here but when you see something with your mind's eye it could be false memory. Like how you can visualize memories, well, you can visualize memories that didn't happen as well, using the hipocampus (sp)?
  9. that is trippy, and reminds me of the theory of relativity, which is trippy in a nerdy/physics kind of way

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