The mind of a black SJW at UCLA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BlazedGlory, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. I just stumbled on this video randomly but holy fuck this Social Justice indoctrination is even worse than I thought.

    I don't agree with everything the host says either, but this black girl is just totally detached from reality here. This is the status of higher education in some places. She's like a caricature at this point.

    At what point are we going to put our foot down and say "okay, this is crazy"?
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  2. Meh
    No use in respecting or acknowledging bigoted dipshits.

    Pure comedy.

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  3. For awhile I honestly thought it must be satire :laughing:
  4. All I heard was ”black people deserve more than they work for and earn because they have more pigment in their skin and whitey fucked our ancestors over back in the day".
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  5. You hear her demand 40 million bucks with a straight face? And she thinks she faces "oppression"? :laughing:
  6. I didn't, I just skimmed through it but every time I skipped it was some crazy, self entitled, gimme gimme bullshit.

    I really love these kind of videos though where there is some sjw bitching and moaning about white male privilege, who probably never even been in the real working world, and then a black dude comes on and uses sound logic, reason and evidence to just shut them down.
    I don't really feel very privileged right now covered in paint and working my ass off to provide for my family.
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  7. How to lose an election in one easy cultural step: Tell 60% of the population they are ultra privileged based on their skin color, while the nation as a whole is still recovering from a depression and people are busting their asses just to make ends meet.
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    The SJW mentality in the US surpasses race. Race is just one facet currently being milked by it.

    These people will sooner or later have to be dealt with, and it wouldn't surprise me if many traditional liberals finally realize they have to turn against them as well. Based on votes counted, that's already happened and continues to happen.
    If this sort of "thinking" is not challenged, nothing in the modern western world will be left alone. Everything, everyone, everywhere will be offensive to someone somewhere. The modern left is already seeing some of this toxicity manifesting within its own ranks, when a gay pride parade is offended by gay Jews, for example, and they are told to leave.
    Gay Pride marchers with Jewish flags told to leave Chicago parade

    And of course, who could forget that shack they call a university at Evergreen, where the students have turned on the faculty. The faculty, who from the comfortable safety of their 1st world seats of western academia, have been preaching to students about how oppressed they are.

    Now reap what you sow. Hope the university gets majorly defunded, as have others in the recent past due to this type of clownish behavior.
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  9. Truth brother! I'm a white male and work my dick off just to keep my motherfucking house and food in the fridge. Pisses me right the hell of to be told that I have some kind of privelige that a black dude busting his ass just as hard as I do doesn't have.
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  10. Since no one else will ask I will: what is this weird hard on you have for black people?
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  11. It's called being alive in 2017 America and being flooded with "poor black people" media 24/7.

    I know the Democrats have been historically accused of pandering to minorities for votes, but the recent onslaught of race pimping, rape culture, sexism everywhere, etc, etc has been so ridiculous that actual liberals are starting to abandon the Left.
  12. I know people think their opinion trumps all (no pun intended, though the irony), but statistically inequality favors the message of the left even if the right doesn't want to hear it. So why bemoan?
  13. You project again. No one's bemoaning. Just pointing out the hyperbolization of victimhood in US culture.
    Very popular these days. People actually believe that the more outraged they are, the more right they are.
  14. Ignorance, it's as simple as that Spliff. Fear of the unknown can drive one to spout all kinds of craziness.

    The big bad black man is coming to get us! He wants to take our guns, jobs and healthcare.
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  15. I don't project, I read the thread. So you have issue with the way the left capitalizes on very real issues POC, women, the LGBTQ community etc face. Do you have issue with the fact that these issues and inequalities exist in the first place? Or do you only take issue with the fact that the left dares talk about them?
  16. Lol, get outttta here with that old nonsense.

    Typical modern leftist move: Someone disagrees with you, so it must be because of their ignorance and fear.
    Couldn't possibly have anything to do with your bullshit point of view.

    Back to 2014 with you @SmokinP, that shit don't fly no-mo :roflmao:
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  17. I had no idea that with access to so much information at the drop of a hat, people can still be this willfully ignorant.

    The internet teaches me something new every day lol
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  18. I take issue, as many naturally have, with the entire premise of what "real issues" the groups you mention face.

    The modern US is 100% full of corporations who look to hire women and minorities over white males. The modern US colleges are bending over backwards to enlist women and minorities who are already graduating more than the men are.

    What are the "real issues" you are talking about?
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  19. Keep tucking yourself in at night thinking that the many, many people who disagree with your rhetoric are nothing but ignorant. You're in for many, many more disappointments.
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  20. 1+1=2. That's what told me in school old chap. If it acts like a bigot and spouts bigotry then it is _______ ?.

    It ain't rocket science.

    Maybe you should take a look at the top of the page, it says Grass City not Stormfront. This "black people are bad" jive might be acceptable amongst white supremacists but it ain't anywhere else.
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