The mind is so powerful maybe every belief is true.

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  1. The mind is very powerful! And I have a theory.
    Maybe when you die you go on a massive drug like trip that lasts eternity. And that trip is based on whatever you believe. It would be the same thing as dreaming and dmt except you wouldn't ever wake up. So if you are a christian and believe that you are going to heaven when you die then you actually do but it's not real, just all in your head. And if your an atheist and believe you just die, then that is what happens. You die and your "trip" is just blackness.
    If this is the case then maybe I should start believing in Islam so when I die I go on this massive "trip" and see virgins everywhere. lol
  2. lol not bad but yea the obvious, when you die your mind wont have any kind of energy to generate the dreams
  3. What exactly are you referring to as your mind? Would you be aware of your death? How are others factored into your reality? What does this reality consist of? Do other people's beliefs overlap into yours?

  4. there is energy all around u

    its a possibilty for sure this has come across my mind as well
  5. dmt? and there are countless number of stories of people that have died and come back to life to say they've seen "the other side". Whose to say that the supply of dmt is never cut off after you die and you just go on a long ass trip? It's about as believable as anything else lol
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    It would be like a dream. All the out of body experiences where the person has died and came back to life desribe seeing their selves and knowing they were near death. So maybe when your out of body and viewing yourself and realize your dead your mind then starts creating what you believed would happen after you die. See, they say you dream about what your thinking. So maybe it's true as far the afterlife is concerned since the same chemical that produces dreams at night is the same chemical that is responsible for the near death out of body experiences.

    If what I'm saying is true you wouldn't see anyone else that was actually real in your afterlife. So if you thought you were going to heaven and your whole life you thought your uncle was going to heaven as well because he was a christian and your cousin was going to hell because he wasn't then you would see your uncle but wouldn't see your cousin. But in all actuality your not seeing anyone real, your just dreaming.
  7. What if that's what is going on right now? :eek:

  8. That would explain a lot lol
  9. I've always kept this thought in the back of my head. I'm always open to this thought too, I think it would be possible.

    Obviously you wouldn't be using your mind to have this trip as your body would be dead.. but I think Op means your soul.. if soul's are a real thing I think that would easily be possible. Leaving the world while being flooded with DMT and since it's the last thing your soul would have affecting it before your body it's attached to dies, it would be left with that feeling of tripping, and be put in that mindset.
  10. I've been working on this exact theory for years, and think I figured it out. I think op pretty much has it except for this: when DMT is released, in that reality- time doesn't exist. I've had dreams feel like weeks, literally and in reality be five minutes. if there are mass amounts of DMT being released before death, which there is, don't you think that would be enough of a dose to last a "lifetime"? then that DMT life you are living in is kind of jump started, and that life's perception of time is based off of the last reality's perception of time. everything would feel how it does now though. it could be a cycle going from the beginning of our conscious existence, and we just don't notice it. there's definitely something strange about DMT, it's everywhere. it's a secret to life which we overlook. it could be the answer to time travel for all we know. that's just an example, though.
  11. I don't want a bad trip for eternity cause I have had 1 good dream that I can remember er
    Otherwise they are fucked up and really weird.
  12. OP, try it out and let us know.

    [DISCLAIMER: Don't try it]
  13. thas scary.

    shit would suck lol
  14. Our minds don't make sense.

    On a evolution scale, we got too smart too quick, not even an exponential rate.

    Either nature fluked, or aliens.

  15. or God :D

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