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The Mile-high Medical Colorado (?????)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by punkrockplaya75, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. In Jan. of 07 i broke my arm in a hockey game [total cheap shot by the way] and my coaches who seemed to be able to take of the role of doctor i the locker room assumed that it was dislocated but the didn't want to take off my equipment to see. the genius coach of mine thought that by using the old trick where the dislocated arm is held up and holds a weight, the weight drops and my arm is supposed to snap back into socket but instead broke my arm even further and extended about 3in and ever since ive had re-occuring pains at the same spot where my arm broke. I assume this is nerve damage but I havent had a doctor look at it. I Live in colorado and Ive had the application for Medical marijuana and if this is not nerve damage, and I'm pretty sure it is but who knows, do you think this is a good enough story to back up a medical card? i have the application filled and a doctors appointment this week so id love to know what i should be expecting.
  2. I'd make sure there's no potential longterm nerve/ligament/muscle damage
  3. noo the arm is completely healthy now aside from the pain. I figure if i say i dont want to take pills either the doctor will sympathize.

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