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  1. I bought the new Storz and Bickel Mighty vaporizer the day it was released.  I have used it for a few days now, and I have to say that I am very impressed.  I am an oldster, and I regularly use the Volcano, and love it for home vaporizing.  I have tried other hand held vaporizers (Magic Flightbox, PAX, Iolite Whisper) and the Mighty is better by far than any of them.
    The "Good":  The Mighty is quick to reach the desired temperature.  The vape is very smooth, and easy on the throat and lungs.  It is easy to operate.  There is almost no smell while it is heating or while it is being used.   It seems to have a long battery charge.  It turns off automatically when not used for a short time. 
    The "Little Less than Perfect":  The Mighty is larger than I imagined.  It is easy to hold but not easily concealed. It reminds me of an old style cell phone, a little too big and heavy, but hopefully future versions will become smaller and lighter.  It buzzes a lot. It buzzes when you turn it on.  It buzzes twice when the desired temperature is reached. It buzzes when you have not used it for one minute and it turns off.  While vaping, I have had to turn it back on several times because I am a slow inhaler and it kept turning off.  The Mighty does not stand upright. Filling the herb chamber is easy with the filling aid once you use it a couple of times.
    The "Not So Good":  The price is high!  It was also difficult for me to disassemble for cleaning due to my arthritic hands.
    Overall, I love it. The Mighty  is a great portable vaporizer if you can afford the price!!

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  2. Thanks for the report.
    Are you saying it does not stand upright? If you set it down it rests on it's side?
    What kind of battery life are you getting? My miniVAP gets 3 hours of use on low temp, lesser on higher temps
  3. If you have a little extra money I recommend you buy a Haze vaporizer it is a top shelf dual bowl vaporizer that if you don't mind the extra money is worth the buy.

    VapeLife Wes
    For the price of a Mighty, it damn well better be better than the MFLB, PAX and Iolite.   What I want top know is, is it better than the Minivap?
  5. Hi MinnBobber.  The Mighty does not stand upright, because the bottom is not flat.  So you have to lay it down on its "back", with temperature controls facing the ceiling.  Since I have been recharging it after every use, I do not know the charge life.  Each time I use it, the battery goes down one notch out of six.   So I expect to get at least 6 long sessions per charge.  Hope that helps!  ;-)
  6. I'm confused. What does your post have to do with the S&B Mighty vape? The Haze is not even remotely similar.
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    Were you also considering the Crafty when you made your purchase? What made you decide to go with the Mighty?
  8. Hi Crony,
    There are two reasons that I decided on the Mighty over the Crafty.  1) The app for the Crafty was not yet available when I made my purchase.  I understand that it is now available. 2)  I thought that I would like to have the controls on the vaporizer vs. setting the temperature with an app on my phone.  However, now that I have been using the Mighty for a few weeks, I wish that I had bought the Crafty instead.  The reason for this is the size of the Mighty.  It is just not small enough for discreet use outside of the house.  The battery life has been more than I need, so the fact that the Crafty has less battery life is not that important to me.  Except for the size, I love the Mighty; but if I had a chance to buy one over the other again, I would recommend trying the Crafty, especially if you intend to use it in a public space.
  9. Im not seeing how anyone is gonna be able to use a vaporizer the size of the crafty in public either.
  10. the crafty is not as big as it appears. is it extremely portable, no... but it's more than portable enough to carry around and get the job done. i love my crafty despite the high price tag it's def worth it. i used the mighty as well and yes that is def much much bigger but it also is a excellent vape in which you can't go wrong with either one.
  11. I agree you can take the Crafty out. However because of the price tag alone I probably won't. I have others that make for great out of the house vapes.
    Unless people are directly looking at you, then nothing to worry about because most don't care and I think this applies to every vape lol (maybe except like a pink or bright yellow pax lol). 
  13. Yeah sure... nothing to worry about.
  14. Portable doesn't mean stealth. It means that you can use it on the go without needing an external power source. The No2 is a portable vape too. Is it the stealthiest, or the smallest? Definitely not. Is it a good portable vape? Yup.  Generally, if you have anything that doesn't look like a regular e-cig, and you are blowing any vapor out of your mouth, or even just sucking on the thing, people will assume its pot. There isn't anything that people normally put in their mouth and take a hit from that doesn't draw some attention.
    If you aren't using a regular e-juice e-cig, you should be hiding your hit taking anyway, and might as well get the vape with the best other non-stealth features.  Entire contraptions, like when people put their vapes in big cups and such, are a pain in the ass, and not very useful for anyone who needs more than a few hits, because you can't stir or repack without ruining your stealth cover anyway, and it makes it a pain in the ass to do so even if you are alone anyway.
  15. It has sort of a kick stand like stance it easily tips over if the table is bumped I didn't like that! Its an awesome little gadget though I'd say you got a solid four sessions until it's representing low
  16. I got one of these recently and have tried two different batches of herb. Neither one is giving me much vape, no matter what temperature.
    any tips or advice? Seems like a huge let down. Burns through a bowl pretty quickly and doesn't give much of a good buzz.

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