The mighty death pop

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  1. *Please don't come in here just hatin'. If you wanna hate and talk shit about Psychopathic Records & Juggalos make yo own muthafuckin' thread. This thread isn't for you and therefore you should just kindly FUCK THE FUCKIN' FUCK OFF and have a nice day*

    So I just copped THE MIGHTY DEATH POP & I'm jammin' to this shit in surround sound. I grabbed the "white pop" version for the muthafuckin' collabos. I might cop the "red pop" version next. I was just wondering if anybody else has peeped out this fresh ass album and if so what version did ya cop?

    [ame=]Insane Clown Posse - The Mighty Death Pop - Infomercial - YouTube[/ame]

  2. Horrible taste in music. You really listen to that junk?
  3. Like I said if you wanna hate instead of appreciate make yo own muthafuckin' thread and FUCKIN' FUCK THE FUCK OFF and have a nice day:wave:

    I swear n i g g a z can't read nowadays:rolleyes: Illiterate muthafuckazzz
  4. Why did they have to make more jokers cards though? They were making those when i was in school still.
  5. i had to turn the album off after 2 songs
  6. When ICP made The Tempest they started to miss using the whole idea of the Dark Carnival and the Jokers Cards. They felt like making more Joker's Cards would be the best way to make new albums with the messages that they wanted to convey.

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