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The Mids Only Thread! (Pictures Warmly Invited)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AjP420, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Welcome to the mids only thread, post your pictures of your Mids here, and a little story bout them (quality, price, bla,bla.)

    ill start us off!
    Sativa for sure, just a blazing cerebral buzz, low tolarence atm, but still even only lasts for a couple hours, nice in my opinion, but very compressed. payed 10$ for 1.5g of this and 5 for the guy's gas.

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  2. Awesome idea, I'm sure people pickup weight of mids and regs they could share with us..

    You WILL have your haters in here though.. So prepare yourself. Haha
  3. i know! im only able to have mids/lower dank for a while, so untill my harvest time, its gonna be 25$/ 8th for me :bongin: i smoke more joints on mids, cuz you get so fuckin much for so little, and you dont feel wastefull rollin up a g of mids, but i kinda do rolling 1g of flame shit
  4. here's a joint of my mids i rolled, (emailing picture to me from my fone lol)
  5. Some mids pickups from the past few years. Sometimes I like having twice as much bud so I'll buy mids and roll fat joints or blunts with my friends. Also better to smoke people up on. Paying $10 a g, $25-30 1/8, $50-60 a quarter, $100-150 for a half

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  6. nice post! those look realllly high upper mids man! great deal! here is that joint i rolled;D small tho, got me higs, all i care ;D

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  7. that one in the middle looks like dank
  8. Stuff that looks like op's in my neck of the woods goes for 5$ a gram no more.
    I wish there was a happy medium like bonginnn's ^ shit..used to be some around for $10 a g but that was a while ago.
    Now its either reg or dank
  9. i just got fucked my parents saw those pics on the desktop f my comp, and even tho im 18 they treat me lke im 5 haha so im finally, Moving to a MEDICINAL STATE!!
  10. holy shit i get dro for like $7 a g
  11. Pictures aren't the best but they dont look like mids to me, looks like some nice bud. Also, why would you pay $100-150 for a half ounce when you can get 2 quarters fro $100-120?
  12. I pay $100 a half for an absolute dank.
  13. No one cares how much you guys grab dank for.

    This thread was made for mids, I don't even understand why you came in here to say it, it literally doesn't add anything to the thread.

    Also, OP, you pretty much got $1.5 grams of mids for $15. Doesn't seem like a good price dude. But it what it is, nice grab.
  14. MIDS ONLY! Thanks for making this clearer to the other blades, as i diddnt specify it, (+rep)

    around here you can get a REALLY skimpy "gram" of dank for 20$ (.7-.9), so seeing a 25$ 1/8th coming around for mids is really good for me, so thats why i swing at it, plus more bud= more BLUNTS! :smoke:
  15. I consider most of the mids I could find to be "chronic".

    Stoner Honesty, I think a good amount of Mids"chronic" is actually nice to smoke, I find that a lot of chronic has a huge amount of CBD, the second to THC in marijuana plant material. CBD tends to melt a good amount of pain away, and it makes your practically fall asleep(drowsy) and I love that feeling.

    If you can find the right Mids"chronic", you can get a good amount of THC and punch for your dollar.

    My friend got 15 grams for 80$- 7.5grams Chernobyl OG(Outdoor grow), and 7.5grams Silver Haze(Outdoor grow). They let it flower for a long time with little care, It had good size nugz, just low quality, and the yellow CBD age.

    Im just blabbering, but Mids are good if found super cheap, great for concintrates, good for casual stoning (bowls/joints/snaps/blunts)
  16. This is what this thread is ALL ABOUT!!! Thanks man! great post!
  17. #17 Ganga Lova, Aug 6, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2012
    Wow, man. Cool. I bet you feel real good posting that here, don't you?
    Also, "dro" isn't an indication of quality. It describes the way the plant was grown. At least know your shit if you're trying to make yourself look superior.
  18. Since no one has posted here in a while.

    I stay on mids.



  19. lol:cool:

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