The Midnight Hour'rs

Discussion in 'General' started by BigDaddyD, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Yes us, the ones with only 3, if we're lucky, friends on facebook to chat with.

    Smoking the entire night away listening to your favorite band or playing your favorite game.

    I haven't seen a thread for us night owls in a while but if there is one I apologize! :smoke:

    So how's everybody's nights going? Just hit 4 am, 20 more minutes ! I passed out yesterday at 430pm and slept till 1, so I've only just gotten up.

    Jamming to 9/4/11 Phish, very spacey, smoking this amazing sativa out of my bong Mr. Joker, and actually enjoying the fact that I'm home from college for the first time since I've been home for a week now.
  2. be 4:20 in an hr and ten min for me....I'll be up
    watching 'Into the Wild' makes me want to get out and go

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