The messed up cutting is flowering. Or maybe not? Help needed

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Would you keep her in veg?

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  1. Hello, first post here - never needed to post before because I could find all the answers...except this :)

    Strain: cutting of kalashnikov express (fast)
    Light: outdoor + cob 60w
    Growbox: 40x40x160 cm

    This plant is a clone. I topped her mother in vegetative stage. Placed the cutting in a small pot to see if she could make it.

    To help the cutting survive I kept it into the growbox with her mother. But, the mother was switched at 12/12 and the cutting was exposed to 12/12 for 40 days (not the smartest move, I admit). During that time the cutting was healthy but small and did not grow.

    Then, as the temperatures allowed it, I moved it outdoor to enjoy the long daylights - 10 days from june 20 to june 30.

    Overall it took 50 days or so but finally the cutting radicated and it is now growing.

    Then I moved it indoor, 18/6.

    Now, top fan leaves are getting smaller and smaller - low fan leaves are 5 pointed, while the top leaves are 3 pointed and now just 1 point only.

    I am unsure if she is flowering or not. There is no hint of preflowers, however the top leaves getting smaller are clearly a sign of flowering to me.

    I assume that that the 12/12 in her very early stage messed up the cutting a little bit, and I am not sure if I should just dump it or give her a chance.

    What do you think? Is she flowering, or should I keep her in veg and hope?

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  3. Keep vegging.
  4. I looked up that strain, and it doesn't appear to be auto. Those (I think?) are "hard-wired" to flower at certain age of plant.

    While I can't answer you question of if flowering, if it does/is reveg, I would just be concerned with it going Hermaphrodite because of all the switching of the light schedules. She might be internally confused at this point. But you will only know that once it really shows signs of flowering, and if she is a chick with a dick. Hopefully others will chime in, cuz I would like to know they they think.
  5. in my opinion- because you've messed with the lighting. it has caused it to start the budding process. however if u keep the lights at 18/6 it will re-veg. u just wont get the results as fast.
  6. Many thanks for the feedback!! I will save the lady.

    @Natas I confirm this is a photoperiod strain, just a bit faster than usual - like 2 weeks shorter. And it is, actually :)
  7. A few days later...

    Yes I confirm she was about to flower and now she is back in veg.

    Many thanks :)

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