The Mega noob question!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Little_Farmer, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    i'm new the the Forum, (1st post/1st time grower)
    So i've the mega noob question!
    WTF do you smoke from the plant?!
    From reading in this Forum i figur it's "the bud"
    but where can that be found omn me plant??
    How do i get "the bud"
    (To my protection i've searched all over the web
    - found the word "bud" all the time but how the f** do i get to it! Just remember back to the time when u started pot! So stop laughing and anwser :D
    p.s: GREAT FORUM

    How do i get THAT

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  2. thanks for ur help

    into THIS:

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  3. So you cut off the fan leaves take the flower part
    press it, dry it, smoke it :D ?
  4. dont press, just dry and smoke:)
  5. or if you want it to smell more and be a smoother smoke, the cure the bud, this is done by putting it in an airtight container, and opening approx 1-2 times a day and gently turning them......after approx 3 weeks it will smell and taste and smoke.......amazing depending on the quality of the strain you grew...........any other questions just ask.........we were all newbies at one time........"he who ask's, WANTS to learn!"............Peace out.........Sid
  6. ok thanks for the help/support!
    harvesting, when the little Hairs turn Red/Brown
    and these trichomes turn " milky " its TIME
    so as i said cut the Fan leaves und Dry the Flowering part.
    Without touching the trichomes
    (which could be hard -> wave at IceMan plant ;P )
    then just put the Flowering (bud) part into a nice place to dry
    (or cure it, thanks @ sid )
    und then stuff the entirer thing ( or just pieces? ) into the pipe
    (in my case a Waterpipe :D )
    So far so good?
    Thanks again!
  7. yeah, and when your initially drying, try and keep the temps at about 80 with ~70% humidity for about 3 days, and after 3 days drop the humidity to about 10 - 30%, but keep the temp at about 80. and be sure its dark the whole time. after their dry (try to snap a stem, if it bends, they need more drying. if it snaps, but the leaves still bend, then its done) put them in air tight containers and store them in a cool dark place (either just a cool place, or in the fridge/freezer). dont put them in plastic bags, the plastic will draw glands off the buds and get stuck on the bag. use glass, metal, wood, or plastic jars.

    good luck curing them buds;)
  8. ok great! :)

    only one last question to go :D
    How do u guys smoke the buds:

    -cut it to small pieces and put it in a pipe

    -do u have to mix it with tabacco?

    - stuff the entirer bud into the pipe and off you go?

    And that pretty much covers all my question!
    -----> GREAT FORUM HERE YOU GUYS!! :)<---------
  9. break the bud off from the stem and take the seeds out. Don't smoke seeds. It's ok to smoke a little stem, but they don't really get you that high, so it's no point to smoke more than a little bit. But break the bud up into small pieces of bud about the size of the "o" on the keyboard. Smokes really good that way. Don't mix it with tobbacco, nasty. Smoke it buy it's self.

    A few more things about smoking. If someone tells you to smoke bananas or peanut shells, don't do it. Peanut shells, maybe if a joints work or so will get you felling.. different. But do not smoke bananas.


    Nickle sack - $5

    Dime sack - $10

    A Dub - $20

    Quarter = 7 grams, 8 grams in the bag

    Half - 14 grams, 15 grams in the bag

    Ounce = 28 grams, 29 in the bag

    And so on.

    But yes, enjoy smoking, it's a wonderful thing. Hell, I'm pretty fucked up right now, and its great. Try not to smoke regular or schwag, it'll get you plenty high, it just tastes like shiiiiit. Stick to mids and up yo, especially when you come across the fruity mid, yum. I'm rabling. Take it easy.
  10. you'd only need to remove seeds if the female was pollinated by a male.......Peace out........Sid

    not all weed has seeds..........mmmmm pure sensimila..mmmm
  11. OK, the basics,

    Female plants form “Calyxes” which have two (normally) white hairs growing from them. These Calyxes are basically “wombs” for seeds to form in. It is the clusters of these calyxes we are striving for.

    Male plants grow flowers that release pollen, typically 5 little pollen sacs in each flower, they kind of look like tiny bananas growing right before they open.

    When the males release their pollen (usually wind blows the pollen around) and the pollen lands on the little white hairs of the female calyx (called pistils), it completes the “sexing” and a seed forms in the female calyx, nurtured by the nutrients of the female plant.

    What we are looking for, is female plants that have seedless calyxes. The reason is, most of the THC is in the trichomes (frost, sugar, gland heads) which look like microscopic balls of goo growing on a “goo” stick. The calyxes, and the nearby small leaves growing adjacent to them have the most concentration of the substance we are looking for. The red or browning pistils really have little potency and flavor in comparison.

    The male plants are not worth much except to gather pollen from them (away from the females) in my opinion, but many people have reported some potency available through extraction mostly.


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