The media. The manipulators.

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  1. So early today at work we went into lock down because a man from my town killed four people in three towns including ours, So hes just going nuts killing a bunch of people. Today at 3 pm it was front page news on yahoo, Right now? NOTHING.


    Because they only report on what will attract attention. not a fourty year old white male Serial killer (Part of the percentage that actually solved, Not to be added or mistaken for the percentage that get away with it because the police want to put someone behind bars. They report on what will divide us and make us debate instead of seeing the world for whats really happening, I mean honestly, Why are we seeing politcaly owned views on different channels to make us working class (The people who keep america going and the key to the economy) Look at the campains for example, Have you ever actually heard fox news have anything good to say about any canidites whos super pacs are being loaded by the top one percent? Bernie sanders for example, Wants to make all community and public colleges free by taxing the wealthy to an even ammount as what we pay, tax the fucks stashing cash in off shore bank accounts. invest in schools and space exploration and create as many jobs as possible. Do you know what the media does to him? They insult him , fox news says hes 70 and shouldnt run they dont even dare to bring up what he says cause they fuck your mind II got jumped with baseball bats by four people in september, okay they were all hire on meth so they beat the fuck out of me and nearly killed me, you know what the fucking media does to me cause im from boston living in a small town in northern maine full of incest fuck cousing fucking pig clit lickers? they say it was a drug deal gone bad as in i sold them bad drugs, FUCK THAT SHIT i didnt even have any money on me like wtf
  2. They are a corporation and their goal is profits

    Their profits are based on number of viewers.

    So they report on what they think people will wach

    It makes sense its not some evil conspiracy.

  3. I don't get why people don't understand this. There is definitely a bias in media and a narrative that is painted, but I think it is largely in the hunt for profits and not some kind of global conspiracy. CNN talks about racism after the Charleston shooting because people tune in to hear their own bias confirmed by CNN. Also when bullshit like the two prisoners escape it's all CNN will talk about for three weeks because they realize their ratings go up when they talk about it.
  4. The media is going to push Hilary and Jeb which is exactly why you shouldn't watch or or vote for either one of them.
  5. The media is a huge manipulator of the masses
  6. not manipulator. Leader

    The masses chose to tune into msnbfaux every day

  7. "im from boston living in a small town in northern maine full of incest fuck cousing fucking pig clit lickers? they say it was a drug deal gone bad as in i sold them bad drugs, FUCK THAT SHIT i didnt even have any money on me like wtf"
    You sell bad drugs then bad things will happen to you. What did you expect them to do? Especially with the kind of stuff you're dealing in.
  8. What the hell are you talking about?
  9. I think someone kept the good stuff for himself.

  10. I'm not sure if operation mockingbird was really a success or not, but I have to agree with Yuri - there definitely is a very palpable agenda related to each media outlet, but is it part of some overarching conspiracy? Doubtful.
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    Modern media is conspiratorial by its nature. It does not require a sinister plot behind it to be it. Its simple existence has the potential for indoctrination and essentially legally accepted mind control.

    One only has to look at how much money is spent on marketing in the US for example. That number has been steadily going up, as marketing was becoming a more and more acknowledged tool, that works, to get people to spend their money the way the ad wants them to:

    " IF we Flash Add X enough times during a time people watch TV, It will have a Y effect on people's spending patterns. Meaning, they will buy our stuff."

    Flip over to politics and the 24/7 partisan news cycle we currently experience.

    Between FOX and MSNBC non-stop covering the viewpoints of their respective political affiliations (FOX: R - MSNBC: D), in more and more dumbed down, user friendly formats (Al Sharpton/Sean Hannity), the nation is under 24/7 political brand marketing bombardment. Marketing, that one thing that more and more importance and investment has been poured into because it works time and again. Meanwhile, in the real world, the nation is becoming more and more partisan. What a surprise.


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