The media is trying REALLY hard to hide the fact that Ron Paul is a serious contender

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  1. Ron Paul wins a "Who Won the GOP Debate" poll in Fox News, and after seeing how Ron Paul won by a HUGE margin, Fox News decides to quickly erase it. Funny how all of the media sources, both liberal and conservative, are trying so hard to keep him under the rug. Here's the original Fox News poll: Iowa GOP Debate - Topix [40,000 votes, he got 24,000 of them... more than 4 times the guy in second place].

    And these things are happening everywhere (meaning, Ron Paul getting a significant amount of support from both sides, and getting pushed off as insignificant.)

    And here is the new one Fox started (Ron Paul STILL winning by a landslide): Who Won the GOP Debate? - Guess they'll have to erase this one as well.

    What do Fox News, CNN, MSNBS, etc, and all these other garbage news sources have in common? They are all run by corporate interest!

    Now on to MSNBC:

    Once again, the Anti-Ron-Paul rhetoric is everywhere. Notice how MSNBC bolded out every republican candidate in the Iowa Straw Poll... except Ron Paul, as if he were last place or anywhere near there (Yes, they bolded out the last guy as well).

    First Read - Bachmann wins Ames straw poll

    These aren't just coincidence. Both sides are trying hard, real hard, to hide the fact that Ron Paul is a serious contended.

    Open your eyes folks: These things are happening LEFT and RIGHT (meaning everywhere and from both liberal and conservative sources).

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  3. I already posted this in the RP Appreciation thread, but it's well worth a second post:


    I don't know if this video has been posted here so far, but PLEASE WATCH THIS (especially if you are a Ron Paul critic):

    [ame=]The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul - YouTube[/ame]

    Nostradamus has NOTHING on Ron Paul. Ron Paul saw all of our problems happening a very long time ago, and everybody brushed him off.

    He is the only candidate coming out of both sides that is HONEST and a man of INTEGRITY. He does NOT buy in to corporate interest or care one bit about getting backstabbed by any political party.

    Ron Paul 2012!
  4. Dammit government, is it really a democracy?

  5. Supposed to be a republic.


  6. well fox news is a private company..

    with free speech your aloud to manipulate peoples opinions. However fox news fair and balanced is fraud.

    expect worse then this lol. they really dont want this guy to be seen as the front runner.
  7. Let say Ron Paul wins. And I'm fucking voting. But what keeps the government From "saying" he lost when he really won? Sorry this is my first year voting.
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    I have a plan to fight back against this, ill need some volunteers.

    -take screenshots of all polls of ron paul is winning.

    heres the current screenshot although pauls numbers will prob go up this is just incase.

    i was actually tempted to take a screenshot of the poll last night, damn wish i wouldve, if anyone can find plz post
  9. Scary question to ask that really has no real answer to. We're just supposed to have 'faith' that it works as it's supposed to.
  10. wait.. why are they trying to prevent it in the first place?

    sorry i dont watch the news..
  11. why would they want to free the slaves?
  12. If Michelle Bachman somehow gets the nomination then the United States deserves whats coming to it in 15-20 years (third world country status)
  13. I find it strange that there is precisely 1 (one) small L libertarian in Congress.
  14. The media realizes that he's a clown.

  15. The media is bought and paid for by global bankers and the new world order crowd.

    Its getting late; time to wake up. You over slept.

    [ame=]Ron Paul Is Front Runner,Establishment Panicking! - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Is that going to be your excuse when he loses?
  17. dont post alex jones to be legit. he scares me away from believing you, even though yea the media is owned by an oligarchy
  18. Michelle Bachman is a Talking Head.
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    They hide the real poll if it's not their favor. That's what you saw in Ron Paul's.
    They'll create fake poll later, especially in former election. At that time, they'll activate all their resources to make it looking like a "democratic election". That's why I call it a covert totalitarian.
    Unless you reform the election to a "count at present", you never get a representative of your own.

    New debt ceiling deal (8/2/2011)
    The debt ceiling negotiation reveals one truth, that this nation is controlled by a covert dictatorship which represents the interest of a rich people group, and the so said law makers don't represent the voters any more.
    1. The tax cut law was proposed and carried out by former present Bush. It is proved being a failed policy. In Bush's eight years term, the national debt raised from 6 trillian to 12 trillian. His tax cut law contributes big in debt increasing. Yet, when Obama wanted to recover the tax rate on rich people, the law makers resisted. It proves they are now working for a little group of rich people not for the majority of Americans.
    2. War in Iraq and in Afghanistan is another factor to the deficit of the budget. US military expense and war expense add together almost equal to the total expense of all other countries in this world. That's an extra heavy burden of the American tax payers. The strange thing is nobody dares to speak out. No media, no politician dares to finger at it. It's another proof the US has become a covert dictatorship. In it media and politicians all are controlled by the Inside group. They no longer are the voice of people.
    3. The victim of the new balance deal will be the American people. More people will lose their jobs and welfare aid in new budget. They will have less money to spend. How could economy recover in this foundation? The economy of US will continue remain in stagnation if not going worse.
    4. The result of today's situation is people can't elect their own representatives. The government insiders have controlled the intelligence and the media. They select politicians of their own through rigged election. (because they control the intelligence) They justify the election result through the fake poll of the media.
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    or you can realize 9 years ago was the second election of bush. Our technology wasnt advanced then.
    We move onto Obama who got votes because he promised change and he is Black. Our technology has advanced enough to do research although we never did because we were all gung ho about him not realizing what dangers we were getting ourselves into.

    Fast forward to today: We are ALL connected (well most of us anyways. MOST people dont wait for the news anymore since looking online is much easier and almost every news report has a comment section with what?... Pro Ron Paul messages STREWN all over the place. Now the difference with him and Obama is this simple fact: Paul is an honest man. He is PROVEN change and his track record matches.

    Why do you think Ron Paul has so many supporters? Because of magic fairy dust? No, its because we all are more informed on a daily basis and we have the complete option to do research rather than having the media lie to us.
    Hell when Obama was elected i had NO clue what was happeneing but Paul has opened my eyes and now I see clear through their game.

    And thats just me. Imagine ALL the people that have found out... Imagine all the people that are reading this, opening their eyes to the truth.

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