The measure of woman.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 18, 2003.


How do you measure the worth of a woman?

  1. The content of her character.

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  2. The colour of her skin.

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  3. the content of her purse.

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  4. the content of her intelect.

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  5. the content of her love and affections to herloved one(s).

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  6. the content of her political mindset and ideals.

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  7. the content of her bra.

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  8. the content of her shoe collection and/or wardrobe.

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  9. the content of her soul.

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  10. by how happy she is.

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  1. just like the measure of man poll... but for a woman obviously.
  2. ...Mmmmm many, from which to choose...
    ...let's see...
    ...actually... I think, that in my particular situation, the one that applies most, would be the first one. Except something's still not quite right about it...
    ...what could it POSSIBLY be?
    ...Ok. There it is... ...ohyeah...
    ...Without a doubt, it's the... "Character"....

    of her content.
  3. oh crap!

    i forgot to check the multiple choices box.


    mods? can you help? or do i have to delete this and make it again?[[[[l tried, but no go ,sorry..critter.]]]]]
  4. yeah bro, your gonna have to have a mutliple choice answer, you cant just have one of those things!
  5. Digit, its time to find you a chick!

    you seem very interested in women (like me).. you seem like a great guy, and i think its time you get out there and give them ladies the Digit charm!

    and they will dig the hair, trust me :)
  6. It was hard to pick just one but yeah the first one is the most important for a woman or a man. I mean looks fade and several of the other ones change over time. But, if you have a good character then that means you have good values and morals and you are a person who is true to yourself and others. I really need to work on mine! I'm not all bad but I have some character flaws that I really need to change. Easier said than done.

    Yes Digit, I agree that you need to find a good woman. You seem like a great catch.
  7. charcter, intellect and soul.

    i can be friends with a girl who's not very clever no problem. but if i can't have some intelligent and challenging conversations with a girl, then i wouldn't want to be more than a friend...

    i think i'm just strange.

    looks come very close behind those three though. she doesn't have to be amazing, but if she's a minger, then also, won't want to be more than friends with her.

    and she has to be funny!
  8. everyone is saying the lovey dovey junk like character and soul.. but look which one has the most answers. :D
  9. I dont know how to do the previously posted by...thingy...but Digit said "just like the measure of man poll... but for a woman obviously." Not true...woman cannot be compared to men...We are superior! Im just kidding...I think women are superior. Any one woman can hold more power over a man (excluding Im not homophobic...but I mean...) just by being a woman.
  10. its the vagina man, thats what makes them so superior. I mean, when you have a girl walk in a room, its like BOOM! In your mind your thinking, what does her pussy look like!

    If a pussy could talk back, guys would be slaves! Seriously, thats what men think about! The pussy is superior to all and is our GOD!
  11. this is interesting...I was in work tonight, my female co worker was talking to another guy and me about how good (not knowing im not into guys) guys only are cause their cocks...lmao...ok...microwave version, but thats prettymuch her point. (at which point I thought to recruit ;) )
    she was making stereotypical points about men, and granite shes single at 30 something and desparetly seeking...
    but, digit, this is weak. come on, you know that you cant poll a woman! need I say more!!!???!!

  12. ooohhh thinks you... :D

  13. yeah we all know you boys can be shallow when it comes to femals...

  14. really? wow.
  15. It's a combination of how hot she is and how much I agree with the 'contents of her character'

  16. Ouch..... but you have to know im not biased to females..... im a prick to everyone...:D :p

  17. lets hear it

  18. so you really think you can base a woman on one thing?

    and anyone else for that matter! ya'll wanna measure a person by a one thing? ok, excluding those girls that say guys are only good for dick...which ill never understand anyway...they are so lost they can stay on that side.
  19. i say balance personality/looks and most important.. if they puff. yeah man... lotsa girls at my school r gay and antidrug and have no idea what the hell they are talking bout. shit now i remember how pissed i am at the world.. everyone current;y hates me cuz i got pissed off and bitched out some anitdrug chicks who lotsa ppl are friends with... then some guys were talkin shit and i punched one in the jaw.. lotsa ppl are friends with him 2.. i went from being friends with everyone to having like maybe one person who i like 2 hang out with.. the weird thing is i like being by myself now. yeah kinda went off the topic on that one but i just realized how pissed i was and plus im listening to paint it black or w/e by the stones.. kinda depressing. yah well..

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