The meaning of life

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  1. Everything in the universe is connected.
  2. To me, it's when you get blazed and find yourself questioning what you're doing with your life and how insignificant it is on the scale of the universe. It's very humbling :smoke:
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    Very nice, royksopp. Very nice. It's so obviously true however you look at it, but some people are totally oblivious.
  4. "Meaning of life" is such a broad term. I think the "meaning of life" is whatever you want it to be for your life.

    Whatever will help you to die the happiest, feeling most fulfilled. That's the meaning of life for you, IMO. :confused_2:

  5. The thread has now been won?
  6. lol that a heavy topic to weigh in on.....
  7. I actually know the answer to this.
    the meaning of life is life.
    its our job to pollenate the universe. eventually the sun will burnout or implode. sending our dna and amino acids throughout space in hopes of finding another planet with water . the meaning to life is evolve or die trying
  8. Life is just a sandbox game. What is the meaning of playing a sandbox game? There is no obejective, you do as you wish. freely.
  9. God wants to share consciousness and redemption with other beings.
  10. i think the meaning of life is : Live for today .

  11. this man . im gonna remember this . this is the thread . makes alot of since if you think about it .

  12. Life's the only thing worth dying for.
  13. the meaning of live is just to live. It's that easy, just live, breathe and love :)

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