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  1. What's the meaning of life? If you think there is one. and if you don't think life has a meaning, why not?

    I've been purplexed lately. Does life have to have meaning? and if it doesn't, is that a bad thing? I'm not so sure.
  2. The meaning of my life is to figure out the meaning of life overall. I've made some progress so far.

  3. lol, you're my hero Critter
  4. ^^^ lol 42. What's the question then?

    Who said everything had to have a meaning? I dunno if there is a meaning to life or not.
  5. 42? Explain..

  6. l thought everyone knew it was 42. Didn,t you read the book ??

    hitch hikers guide to the galaxy [​IMG] :D
  7. The meaning or purpose of life is very simple.

    We are here to redeem ourselves more or less in a way.

    To learn.

    To prepare ourselves for a higher level or plane.

    To refine ourselves and remove impurities such as hatred,greed,etc.

    To raise our spirit and conciousness to a higher level.

    All in preparation for what is to come after this world of existence.

    This is at least what Ive found to be true through personal experiences.It is merely my own personal opinion.
  8. i have thought long and hard about this and i have come to my conclusion
    my theory on the meaning of life is...
    there is none
    we are put here to take up space
    when you die your body decays and eventually the memories of you will decay
    everything will be forgotton so it doesnt really matter
    in the end you wont make it out alive
    it is like pink floyd
    we are all just bricks in a wall
    just a small part of a larger something and it doesnt matter if you die because there will always be another to take your place
  9. i agree with you, Scarymoose. i always wondered if i was a little off in having this belief or view on life. it's good to know that i'm not alone.

  10. the meaning of life is a life of meaning
  11. elaborate. a life of meaning to who? myself? you? someone else? the world? A life of meaning to myself may seem like a waste to others and me having a life that has a meaning to others may be miserable to me. Again I ask, why must everything have a meaning. Why can't you enjoy what's here
  12. meaning to you is all that matters. the world's view of meaning, success, worth.. etc. is all bullshit. They are constructed out of a desire of those in power to remain in power and to oppress those they are above. The only meaning in life that matters is that as an individual you find the meaning in your life for you and are able to live life without feelings of uselessness and worthlessness.

    recommended reading:

    Man's Search for Meaning by: Victor Frankl
    - Victor Frankl is a leader in a new school of psychological thought called logotherapy. He spent 7 years in German concentration camps and managed to find an understanding of the need for a meaning to life and sustained himself with that understanding.
  13. I would suggest reading a book by James Redfield called The Celestine Prophecy. It is an excellent read and may answer your question.
  14. The meaning of life is to die. You can't escape it.

    didn't like that explanation? ok.. try this..

    the meaning of life is to die and to leave something behind for others to remember you by..
  15. the meaning of life or purpose or whatever is to liiiiiiive.

    dont worry all the time and be a huge downer and think the world sucks. just do what you want to do all the time, and have a shitload of fun while your doing it.

    life shouldnt be hard, dont make it hard.

    just chill, have a good time, and always be with lots of friends. theyll keep you sane. or tell you when your crazy.
  16. I have to agree with: “being_me_not_ you” who said:

    “meaning to you is all that matters. the world's view of meaning, success, worth.. etc. is all bullshit. They are constructed out of a desire of those in power to remain in power and to oppress those they are above. The only meaning in life that matters is that as an individual you find the meaning in your life for you and are able to live life without feelings of uselessness and worthlessness.”

    and scarymoose, there really is no set “purpose of life.” (unless you’re deeply religious, in which case your “purpose” in life has been neatly laid out for you)
    We always seem to have to find meaning in everything---to figure out all of life’s mysteries, which is why I think the meaning of life question can be kinda haunting.

    What imo, we often take for granted is that a lot of what we believe in isn’t necessarily right or wrong…it’s just what we chose to believe in, for whatever reason. Ie. Laws are always changing, trends come and go, even the purpose of education is changing. Ie. A lot of people think that education is really important---but for what? Some (myself included) believe that our educational systems are just a forum for the government and corporations to teach kids to conform and to reproduce their class system. Whereas what kids are told over and over is that the purpose of their education is to learn the necessary life skills.

    What I’m trying to say is that the meanings we give to things can and will often change. Hell, even the church and the meanings they give their various stories and symbols have changed quite a bit over the years. And because the meaning we attach to most things aren’t set in stone, my theory (which I apologize is probably pretty sketchy) is that we make-up (outta thin air almost) a lot of those deep meanings to life just to serve whatever purpose we have at the time.

    So the meaning of life to me is very flexible----some days my purpose in life is to purchase some really good weed, other days my purpose in life is to smoke it…but at the end of that day the purpose I’ve given my life is just to try to be as mellow and happy as I can without too many limits. Sometimes I think it’d be cool to believe all that religious stuff…such as the second coming ect. (Not very often tho…because if that stuff is true…I’d be rotting in hell for sure) but that stuff seems too much like an elaborate and kinda sadistic fairy tale to me.

    In conclusion…The crap bubbling oft of de mouth has at long last runeth dry while de pot has kicked in! hehe! I promise one day I’ll learn how to write short posts! Anyways for whatever it’s worth that’s my opinion on de’ purpose of life.
  17. hmm.... im not sure if there is one.. and quite frankly .. i dont care :D.... lifes too short to bother with such questions... just go out and liiiiive!!!
  18. Being an Atheist and all, I don't believe in an after-life or a god or whatever the catholic church wants you to believe in...

    I was force fed this shit for nine years, my parents sent me to a catholic school. After the fourth grade, I realized that its all bullshit after one of my friends outsmarted my religion teacher and somewhat proved that one of the prophets (I can't remember, It was a while ago) couldn't have done something for some reason... Whatever... That completly shot my Religious wheels off...

    And another time, in seventh grade, this motherf*cking religion teacher was discussing other religions like Wicca and Satinism and how they were evil and bad. My friend Tristan was Wicca at the time and he raised his hand and said that his family was Wiccans. The teacher called him up to the front of the class and interrogated him about his beliefs, like a f*cking FBI or DEA agent. This teacher started swearing and shit, My friend Tristan was like an inch from kicking the SH*T outta this homophobic, Republican Bias, Religious F*ck-Nut.

    Whatever... I believe that the planet Earth and all the life on it was a "perfect" biological accident, and they we are going to die out soon and be forgotten, or even, never known.

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