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  1. Ive been thinking alot lately, whether it be life, love, or anything else. Tonight I ran into the question in my mind, what is the meaning of life? I pondered at the thought for a while then went online to see what other things people thought. I read through many articles and blogs and read something that made me think, Someone wrote "well what if you ask someone who is building a sand castle why they are making it if it will just get washed out to shore eventually after?". That really hit me and i thought that sounds just like life. What is the point if it just ends up gone and has to be rebuilt again? Its like life in the way you have the creator of the sandcastle, perhaps God, or whatever else you believe in and you have the sandcastle, life. It is created and destroyed in a never ending cycle and after it is gone, what happens to it? The sand obviously gets washed out to sea but you never know exactly what will happen or where it will end up like us, when we die we know obviously our physical bodies go dead and deteriorate but what after? No one quite knows where our souls go or what happens to them. Back to the original question why does that someone make a sandcastle? The only logical reason I would guess besides being bored at the beach would be happiness. The one thing every human whether black, white, male, female, that is what we all go for. Happiness. Everyone tries to gain happiness in every way they want. Some gain happiness from games, some from friends, some from sex, some from smoking weed. No matter what that is the final goal of life, happiness. You can think of it like this, during school what is the one thing you are excited about (usually), Getting out of school at the end of the day. It is what everyone waits for at the beginning of school and is our end goal for that time. Once you finally get out you feel joy and happiness once you get out but what after that, you go home and do things that give you enjoyment like play games or sports. The point of me saying this is that i think the end goal of life and of everything is happiness. Everyone dies eventually but in life you try to live it to its fullest and have the most fun and enjoyment out of it. Some get this better than others but overall the end goal is the same. For those of you that actually read this whole post of mine thanks for actually taking the time to listen to my 2 cents.
  2. i agree with you , i've studied some theories, time isn't infinite, it's just cyclic like the universe, when the universe freeze over and stop expandig and start going the other way, all will start over once again, and all that once happened, it'll happen again.

    so be happy and enjoy your life. you give your life it own meaning :) Make every second count
  3. That sand castle thing got me, whats the point of all this if were eventually all going to die and turn to dust, we're just some random life forms on a random planet in a random galaxy in an unimaginably (sp?) huge universe, but i think the point or meaning of life is for it to be enjoyed otherwise what is the point?
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  5. The meaning of life is to live a life of meaning.
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  7. religion and the idea of a "soul" - humanity's inability to comprehend death ... the cessation of all biological processes and the extinction of the "person".

    Think about what it's like to no longer think; to no longer exist. Weird, huh?
  8. what the fuck is a soul
  9. One assigns one's own meaning to life. Many philosophers have deliberated over this question, and innumerable answers have be suggested, each respectively valid relative to one's own belief system. Therefore, as we craft our beliefs in accord to our perspective in life, it follows that we are left to find our own meaning; there is no end-all answer to this question.
    But what do I believe? I believe in the pursuit of happiness through personal development, satisfaction of goals, and the living of life in a dynamic and fulfilling fashion.

  10. I've got 2
  11. I think you make life what it is, for me it is too experience as many things as I can. but what happens if you've experiened everything that there was? I hope I die before that happens
  12. We are the universe trying to get to know itself.

  13. that's right man.

    you build that sandcastle not because you are thinking of what will inevitably happen to it. the thought that it will get washed away doesnt even cross your mind. all the joy comes from the process of creating it - being around it, building it, destroying it, dancing in/around it, whatever you may do. its there to be what you want it to be. make it the best that you can.

    i like your analogy, man. :smoke:
  14. TO THE RESCUE!!!

    [ame=]Terence Mckenna -What you Gonna do about it? - YouTube[/ame]

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  16. But you can comprehend it right? Cuz your super fucking intelligent huh
  17. [quote name='"vespathug"']

    But you can comprehend it right? Cuz your super fucking intelligent huh[/quote]

    yeah he is
  18. Dont think of the glass as half-empty, think of it as half-full.
  19. half of the glass is full and half of the glass is empty.
  20. Half the glass is full, the other half is also full, there cannot be 'nothing'.

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