the meaning of life is . . .

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Bleezie_King, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. . . . there is know meaning! It's just an accident. like, the conditions were right and, like a tornado or hurricane, it happenned.
  2. I'm being a dick but how can u mistake the word 'know' and 'no' ??

    I agree with you however that there is no meaning to life
  3. of course theres no meaning to life. You have to make your own meaning, purpose. You want your life to have meaning, to have purpose, then you have to go do something with it. You have to make your own meaning in life

  4. hahaha.

    i have no clue if there is a meaning to life. that's the truth to it all.

    no one knows.
  5. dude, couldnt have put is simpler

    thats the meaning of life right there

    clit commander signing off
  6. Puss--err, enlightenment.

  7. haha +rep for jay & s.bob

  8. sorry i was drunk

  9. shit happens
  10. The meaning of life is to pass it on to future generations.
  11. The answer to life, the universe, and everything is.....42

    (DEEP Thought- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
  12. to propagate your species and interject your genes into the pool...?
  13. I have a whooole theory on this..haha
    Ok.. Firstly the meaning of the human species is to procreate..ya kno have babies blah blah blah..
    anyway every individual person has a different "meaning of life"..And ya know how they say your life flashes before your eyes when you die? welll..i believe that these series of events that flash before your eyes reveal your meaning of you find out right before you die!
    Does that make sense?
  14. i know what you all think, sure pussy and offspring has stuff to do with life, but the true meaning of one being to live, is nothing, we are here because of chance, each human is made up of billions of breakable cells, we fucking adapted from the sea. we'll inhabit this planet for such a short time, were like a dot, on a mile long line of history. soon to be gone and forgotten. if we were inpenetrable, and immortal, then our technology would continually increase and then i'd say the meaning is to conqour new planets and create an everexisting utopia.
  15. the realization that there is only the meaning that u bring to the table.
  16. I think what we call 'life' is a lesson.
    A lesson for our soul to learn and gain knowledge by.
    For us as souls to become more enlightened.

    We're here physically experiencing emotions, hard and good times, morals to learn and live by, pain and suffering, and countless other actions.

    What could be a better lesson than life it self? Think about it. Its an ever evolving 'universe' of unpredictable outcomes.

    The universe is our school and life is the teacher.


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