The Mean of the Extremes

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  1. is the solution

    Agree or Disagree?

    Why or why not?
  2. is always the solution in retrospect.
  3. I'm assuming you mean complete opposite extremes. In which case, the mean of the extremes would be the exact middle of the "line" between the extremes.

    Everything should/does strive for balance. Striving for balance in odd ways sometimes creates odd gyrations that are not as pleasant as complete equilibrium.

    For example, the idea that the two extremes are causing balance is somewhat correct, but only with a large uncomfortable wave pushing between the extremes. Only true balance is equal.
  4. Very contradictory wouldn't you agree?

    What if you lived life to the extreme the first half of your life, then the other extreme the second half of your life?

    Same outcome.

  5. :confused:

    If I live the first half of my life killing people, then the second part of my life saving people, that by no means is the same outcome. Morally, sure believe what you want, but morality is a human made concept.

    If I went to the means of killing people and saving people, we can come to an agreement. I will kill no one, but I will not save anyone either. I come to the mean, even though I love killing people and hate saving people.

    This was an example, and by no means would I enjoy killing people :D
  6. motion creates balance....want to balance your extremes? keep moving!!!
    dont want to fall? which extreme you tend twords does not matter....only thing that maters is that you keep moving!

    never stop
    never grow stagnant....
  7. I disagree, life now has become vain, and nothing now matters. Just let the chips fall where they may, and be as water, allowing yourself to glide into anything.

  8. Regardless its not an original idea but if you must know I agree with Aristotle's principle
  9. This idea reminds me of Epicurus. Just enough of all extremes but not too much of any. You use the impulses of killing and saving. I might say that sometimes both impulses are necessary to be obeyed in order to live the life you hope to live. You may need to kill a person in the service of saving another, as an example, and this makes the most sense when the person you save is a friend or family.

  10. Where in my post did I indicate that it was an original idea?
  11. You never did. Why so defensive?
  12. What was the problem we were solving in the first place?
  13. extremes are used when there is no other known medicore's. "unextreme" when their is. the extreme is the most obvious answer but the least knowledgable one
  14. middle way , ying yan

    yeah man

    its all in the center

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