The Mc Donalds bong

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  1. Hey guys, I was just a Mc donalds and I had a wonderful idea. This is a concept for both a bong and munchies!
    Heres what you do: go to mc donalds, wends, burger king, even taco bell, whichever you want. Buy your munchies, and make sure to get at least one drink, whatever size you want... With larger sodas you should do bong, or if you got a smaller soda your making a water pipe...

    Get two straws, the first you put into the drink, then cut to be just a bit higher than the lid, like this...

    |. |. __
    --------- --| |--
    |. |. |. |

    Once you have cut the first straw you place your socket wrench over it, making sure that it is as airtight as possible. Don't forget to push the straw down till it touches the bottom of the drink before you cut it...

    Make a hole in the lid in one of the little push tabs, you know those little bumps that say things like diet, coke, sprite, ect... Put the second straw into that hole, but don't cut it! Pack the bowl and smoke.

    If you used a smaller cup then you should smoke it like a water pipe, if you got a larger one then drink like half of the liquid, or pour it out, or whatever you want, make an extra hole somewhere for a carb, and smoke it like a bong.
    If you want you can even make it a slide pipe or bong by simply lifting the socket.


    This bong isn't airtight, and I has alit of plastic parts that COULD melt. They probably won't, and there won't be too much air leak, but it shouldn't be used over a decent piece, it is best for the guys who lost, broke, or forgot their shit, but really want to smoke.

    Also, if you want you can simply order water at your fast food joint of choice, instead of wasting good soda for bong water, but that's just my opinion...:smoke:
  2. ***** why not bring ur bong INTO mc donalds take a big ass ripp there n just eat ur fav munchies?
  3. Why not just smoke crack in Mickey D's, that'd be what you looked like you were doing :p
  4. what the user name imakestupidbongs wasn't available?;)
  5. Yo. You're high.

  6. Okay, I didn't mean this as like the best bong in the world, but when your pipe breaks (like mine did) and you have nothing to smoke out of. I know it's crackhead shit, but my pipe was fucked, and it was such a good pipe that I never bought another piece, it was all I ever needed...

    When it broke and I couldn't smoke I was at mcdonalds and decided to build a bong for until I could pick up a new one... That's what I came up with, so don't hate.

    Also, yes, I was high when i posted this, because I had smoked out of the bong, and it wasn't too bad, so I posted it, it seemed like a great idea at the time...:smoke:

  7. He was just kidding guys.. Lol
  8. haha I was just messin with ya but if my pipe did break Id just use one of the other 12 I own :eek:
  9. man i read a paragraph when i got to the diagram it was a wrap lol. why not just smoke a joint then go in this would make you seem like a crack fiend and uh. i think theyd hear the bubbling if not smell the smoke.
  10. ohh it all makes sense now! :laughing:
  11. LOL I died laughing at the diagram. Thats priceless
  12. Fail. The plastic straw will so melt. It will taste like shit after a few sessions, plus you get the taste of melting plastic each and every hit. This is an idea I can see comming from some 16 year old kid who thinks he just thought of the best idea ever. Fail.
  13. If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times.

    If you can afford weed, you can afford glass.

    Just buy a $10 glass spoon already so we can stop cringing every time we hear someone getting ready to kill themselves off inhaling fumes from plastic and cheap chrome finishes...:rolleyes:

  14. Yeah, that looks like it should work.
  15. Okay guys... Couple things...

    1. This bong isn't intended to be used a lot, it was just for one time use till I could pick up a new piece. If I had rolling papers I would have rolled a joint, but I didn't, so don't be mad for that. It was more of a lat ditch attempt thing, because I always have aluminum foil and socket wrenches in my car, for just such occasions...

    2. I was kinda high when I posted this, so it seemed like a much better idea then then it really is, but it still works to ssmoke once, so it's not all that bad.

    3.the diagram is messed up, because for some reason the post took put all the spaces I had put, if it hadn't it would have looked MUCH BETTER. The point is that it didn't post the way it looked, but I didn't preview so I dint know it would do that, not my fault, but I'm still sorry about that...

    4. I want to stress again, THIS IS A ONE TIME USE BONG. It is for people who, like me, broke their only bowl and wanted to smoke before they got a new one. I went to the flea market today and bought a Zephyr, so I'll be smoking that till I can buy a quality bowl, and I've been looking at bongs too, so don't say that I need to buy a bowl, BECAUSE I DID!

    5. I made most of you laugh with my poor diagram, So don't be mad, because this wasn't a complete waste of your time.

    Enjoy smoking, and smoke what you have. If your like me and you can't just go out and buy a bowl the instant you break your then thins is for you, if you can, then conceder yourself lucky, and remember this

    ALWAYS KEEP JOINT WRAPS OR BLUNT WRAPS WITH YOU! They aren't illegal, and if you break your piece you won't ever have to build some of this shit.

    A smart smoker is a happy smoker!:smoke::wave:
  16. WAIT
    you can afford mcdonalds but not a 1.50 for JOB's? gtfo lol

  17. It's not that I can't afford wraps, I just wasn't near a convenience store, and me and a friend wanted to smoke.he almost always has a blunt on him, cause he smokes them (actual blunts with tobacco, not weed.) but he left them at my house because he thought we were just running up for some food. We both wanted to smoke while we ate and didn't want to wait twenty minutes to get home, so we improvised. I'm sorry to say that I wasn't prepared well enough, even though it's something I pride myself on... :( :smoke:
  18. or you can make a better bong for $5 but that hits like a beast.Google Image Result for using that bottle. You take a thick hard plastic straw, melt a hole in the side of the water bottle towards the bottle, and stick the plastic straw in there. You can use some electrical tape to make it airtight, or glue. But when you put the glue on you wont be able to take it out. For your bowl, if the opening isnt big enough, heat up the plastic straw with a lighter and insert the bowl in there trying to loosen up the hole. Repeat until desire. You now have a bong that hauls ass for being such a tiny thing. My buddy came over to use it, he said it hit better then his glass bong that cost $100 XD

  19. It wasn't a bottle, it was a MC. Donalds cup, a large Mc. donalds cup.:smoke:

  20. i know, but if he forked over $4 he could make a bong that'll last for ages XD and since its hard plastic, good luck breaking that thing

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