The Mayans

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    I'm afraid I don't understand either. Both Monsato and Cattlemen's Association are American companies.

    What do us lot have to do with your meat problem? I'm not sure what you're getting imported it, but usually European meats are delicious. In fact, calling them inferior in comparison to American meats is, well, pretty laughable. Sorry, but when you have countries like France and Germany who are very good butchers - there isn't much competition. And what do we want to end? :confused:
  2. My Maltese butcher makes the best sirloin burgers.
  3. I know he's not european, but I have a south african butcher down the road from me and he does the best biltong (which is basically beef jerky) in the country. I think it actually won best biltong in the UK actually..

    Either way, it's bloody lovely! :hello:

    And just to clarify about my last post - I wasn't saying Americans don't do good meat, 'cause they do.

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