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  1. This is the stupidest rumor going around lol

    The Mayan calendar doesn't have traditional Gregorian calendar years....the Mayan calendar had to be translated into accordance with the Gregorian calendar. The translations happened WAY after leap years began so yes, leap years have been taken into account and 12/21/12 is indeed the start of a new cycle of the calendar or in their terms, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

  2. I'm Aquarius. Does this mean I will be spared? Praise the mayans.:hello::hello:
  3. [quote name='"lilro"']

    I'm Aquarius. Does this mean I will be spared? Praise the mayans.:hello::hello:[/quote]

    I was thinking the same thing man :laughing:

  4. I was the OP, and in defense: the west is burning, there have been massive corn crop failure due to the heat wave that plagued and ravaged the bread basket which provides food to the world. Foreign countries are heavily depended on US food exports and the drought is already hitting Spain and Greece who chose a path of austerity. People in Spain have stormed reserves simply because no one was feeding the people. They have nothing to buy food so they took it. A major speculator of food in Spain has stopped buying corn and reselling it to the because of morals, they dont want blood on their hands so they stopped increasing food prices so people could eat.

    The Mighty Mississippi is drying up. Saltwater has started to make its way up the Mississippi and could possibly destroy the freshwater supply of new Orleans, which will undoubtably destroy that city, much worse than Katrina. Salt water has reached some smaller communities south of new Orleans and closer to the gulf. The peole living in that area don't have freshwater to drink and will have to get it bottled if they want to remain their. Can you imagine what this would do if this hit new Orleans. The army corps of engineers have started making bumps in the river bed to stop saltwater intrusion, but what if it fails.

    We also have major conflicts brewing in the middle east right now which is has been spurred by the US to keep oil as a cheap energy resource. Do we really want another war(s).

    I only say this because I seriously think that 2012 is a year to remember and I think it's badass to be able to live in this time period and to see this mass change that's occurring. I've grown up watching history channel for nearly a decade now and I've watched many shows on Nostradomus predictions and the mayans. These shows were made long before 2012, yet everything they have said is currently happening right in front of us.

  5. Neither do I. Nothing will stop stop the earth from spinning around the sun. But maybe our earth will stop rotating in a path that has led to this 10,000 year period of a constant climate that has allowed for mammals, escpecially humans, to take over the globe. There are periods of warming and cooling that have been know and can we know if we just so happen to be in a time period where the earth makes that shit. I mean like what are the odds of that? Probably low but not only have we been warned, we are facing it right now:

    With economy plummeting, food scavenging on the rise in Spain | PRI.ORG

    Drought Rises in Historical Rankings -
    (I know there what's been recent relief but it is too late for corn, but it may help soybeans.

    The US uses 40% of the corn crop to fuel ethanol production and the UN has PLEADED with the US to stop this so people can eat:

    Some don't really know when to expect rain because I've seen reports themat this drought could last a few years, some predict possibly decades, but who knows. It may very well be CO2 emissions started by the Europeans some 300 years ago, since the industrial revolution some 300 years ago, I wouldn't doubt we've made an environmental impact and I think you would be foolish to believe we didn't increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere over this 3 century period.

    The native people like the Mayans and Aztecs lived in the Americas for thousands and thousands of years. This was a completely isolated group who were there for 10,000 years. of all people, I think they know the land much better than Europeans do who have only been there for the past 4-500 years. But luckily we killed them all so I guess we can't quite know right?

  6. I agree that things are changing and for the worse...but change is a constant. I could make some vague prophecies right now and in a few decades they could ring somewhat true. Not trying to call out your beliefs or anything. I put as much faith in Mayan prophecies as i do Nostradamus, or religion, or whatever similar spiritual type belief. I don't dismiss any of it on its face I'm just skeptical. I'm that guy that wants to know every little detail about something before I buy it or in this case buy into it so to speak.

  7. Do we owe it to our species to keep our gene pool alive. Shouldn't we take appropriate measures to keep our species alive. I certainly see us surviving this ordeal, but I want to make sure it's down in the most humane way as possible.

    I like science and politics and I like to combine them. I find it amazing how, yet not surprising, that the economy can be used as a tool for natural selection. Money is power these days and people are simply better off with money. When there is a slow growing, stagnate, or failing economy; growth rates of those societies are affected because it affects people's ability to buy food to keep their offspring alive.

    What we may be seeing is a population decrease from bad economy and food shortages. We may have too many peole on the planet for it to sustain. We need to mathematically figure out how much 1 person can consume oxygen and covert it to CO2 and compare it to a car's rate at which it outputs CO2. With that we will know what we are multiplying the CO2 emissions by. For example, let's say 50% of the people use cars. A car will produce 2x more CO2 than the human driver on an average daily basis. That means that 1 person is releasing the carbon output by 3.5 billion ( for half the people in the world who drive cars) x 2 for the amount of CO2 their car releases. With 7 billion people and the cars, factories, plants, and what not, we may be releasing the amount of CO2 for 10.5 billion people, I'm having trouble explain it with as few words but I hope this makes some since. Now this has happened for 300 years since the Industial revolution.

    Crop failures or not, population growth will slow simply because we have more technogy today that is better than human labor. Over time, we won't need as many people on earth to support our economy and species and we could get a good balance of people on the planet where our emissions won't have a great effect on the planet.

  8. I know exactly what you mean and I've honestly been skeptical for a while. But some of the strangest shit has been happening.

    I was watching a show on history channel and there was a brand new episode of something and they were taking about these prophesies, and to see of there was something behind it. They were talking about Nostradomus and othe Reilly who say They will be massive earthquakes and shit. I swear two weeks later, Japan was hit by a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. Just the timing of it was so perfect how could it be coincidence. And how could it be coincidence that 2012 is the year the Mayan calendar restarts its 144,000 year cycle. I think that alone is quite amazing. And most of us Americans are descendants from the people who wiped out this race of humans. Instead of embracing them, we killed them and we are left with these clues and artifacts we no nothing about because our ancestors chose to kill them rather than learn about these people who accumulated knowledge for the past 10,000 years when those natives moved from the I've bridge in Alaska and made there way through the America's. They were nearly completely isolated from the Europeans and had their own knowledge. We didn't lead from them and it seems that what we do know of them and their calendar, is coming true. I say they are coming true because the shows on history channel have clearly stated numerous "coincidences" years before 2012. These shows were filmed and aired on TV years before we ever entered this year. And these shows stated years ago about possible fires, heat in the grain belt, wars, chaos, and it seems it was true.

    Im having a hard time remaining skeptical about this 2012 shit.
  9. It's an evolution of consciousness that will happen by the end of the year. The human species is evolving, we are becoming more compassionate and understanding of each other. We are coming together as one, and we will overthrow the tyrants as a team.

  10. meh like i said i believe all that as much as i believe religion. which isn't much haha. And saying you saw a show on the history channel about earthquakes and then a few days later it happened.....wouldn't that mean the history channel is prophetic and not whoever made the original prophecy they were discussing? Just food for thought. Drought and all that i attribute to global warming. Do I attribute global warming to prophecy? No its human intervention and partly natural climate change imo. When I am given a fantastical reason and a scientific viewable/testable reason I'm always going to pick the provable reasoning. 9 times out of 10 a coincidence is just that...a coincidence.

  11. And the Internet is responsible. He connected our species like never before. It use to take months to communicate with people in other continents and now it takes a small piece of technology and literally have the world at your figure tips.

    Technology is huge now and it will be a race between the US military and the people's technology. Think how easy it would be for a president to strike fear into people with robots. That's the next step in urban warfare, people vs government robots. It's nice we got our second amendment back, but I mean... You really going to shoot a robot with a hunting rifle, or pistol, even an nice assault rifle wouldn't do shit. Firearms are obsolete now. You want electronic devices able to interfere with the radio connection. I presume robots would run on radio with people at a station not for away and the only way for them to communicate would be radio and anyone who knows how to transmit radio signals could interfere. Breaking that form of communication would be a much better strategy than trying to shoot the thing.

    But a technology arms race between the US and China would destroy us. We have a lot of engineers who come up with great tech, and who builds it? The chinese people are the ones building our ideas.
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    I don't know if you can really call it an evolution of consciousness. I think it's more just an evolution of culture.

    We're in the information age now and that makes it seem like theres a shift in the human consciousness but it's not anything biological, it's technological and cultural.

    If the world fell into chaos tomorrow then fifty years from now I doubt you'd say we did any evolving at all recently. If the Internet and its relative tech goes away so does the shift.
  13. This is cute.
  14. I think you might be wrong here. The Mayan calendar had to do with astronomy, not numerical sequences. They'd have phases of constellations appearing in their night sky to signify what 'symbol' of time it was. So they predicted this coming age of Aquarius was when the world would end or change or something like that.

    I'm also quite sure that the Romans knew nothing about the ancient Mayans, as it was the Spanish who... well murdered all of them and melted their gold and silver. That was in the 1400s or 1500s I believe, long after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire.

    I'm pretty sure if there was that flaw there too, the first time I'd be hearing about it wouldn't be from some person on Grasscity, 4 months before it's 'prophesied' to happen. It'd probably be general knowledge by now.
  15. Yeah, I realise that now. I was just passing on what I heard, but looking into it, you're right.

    I'm still not going to research any more into it because I just don't see why or how this calender supposedly ending has anything to do with the world collapsing.

    Before that I thought that Mayans just made the calender up until that point and figured that they would add more when they had to. Either way, I don't much care for the whole theory, because I think there are more important things to worry about.


  16. Environmental influence eventually leads to biological evolution...
  17. Actually no, that was mostly just the Aztecs.
  18. They definitely killed the Mayans. The Aztecs were just a small portion of that area. The Mayans are what we'd call Mexicans nowadays and is the reason they speak Spanish.

    Just some fun facts: Aztecs gave us words like Chocolate, Guacamole and Tequila I believe. Not too sure about that last one but the first two are 100% true.
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    Only on a long enough time scale. 20-30 years is dick compared to the evolution of man.

    I haven't seen a single study showing how our brains have morphologically changed since the Internet nor have I seen a study showing any specific epigenetic changes that can be attributed to the tech.

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