The mawfuckin *OFFICIAL* Im FUCKED up thread.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by own3d421, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. so there isn't a thread for just being trashed, so here it is.

    Still zoomin off some good speed i smoked earlier, its fuckin 5:20am, pounded about a pint of barretts(cheap whiskey) like 15 mins ago, been smokin bowls ever since, daaaaaaaaamn, im fuuuuuuuuuuuucked up.
  2. I'm on some speed too trying to get a history project done for the end of the year. damn lol. I'm going pleasantly numb though. It's enjoyable. Have a happy Tuesday.
  3. I just blew an oxy 80 and took 2 mg of xanax. I am feeling fuckin nice dude I keep nodddin in an outttt. Chick sold me two 80's for 20 bucks :hello:. I just smoked a blunt to the face. Have to go to work in an hour. Its gonna be funnnnn :)
  4. took 40 dxm pills yesterday, equal to 600mg. this was now 21 hours ago.

    its back.
  5. got pulled by a cop 45 minutes ago, had to pop an OC 80, and 3 20s and some sort of pharm my friend gave me, started with an L I think. It's fairly knew, gives euphoria similar to mdma and if you take enough you get visuals
    startin to feel it but I wish I could of snorted.
    Im gonnna be fucked
  6. Couldn't you just have stashed em?

  7. lol thats what im saying... yo friend used you to get rid of his Stash man!
  8. nott worths the risk of getting cauhtm i was smoking when i got stopped thats why i gto sotpped
    getting busted iwth pils isnt good man

    He wasnt witg me lol. he gave them to me long before i was driving

  9. mixing opiates and benzo's is dangerous. :p

  10. errrrrday alllday
  11. Damn, i was buzzin hard this mornin', motherfuckin birfday, gonna cop some dope, and xans, got the dank already rolled up. Should be a good day.
  12. the shit's called lyrica and its nice
  13. 25mg valium
    30mg muscle relaxant

  14. Yeah I know man. :p I dont do it often. Helllah cns depression but its a good feeling . haha.
  15. Holy shit, I was fuuuuuuuuuucked. Still feeling nicely even 6 hours later.
    Gonna rail 40mg of oxy, snort some addies
  16. noddin hard, 6mg alprazolam, .3 of some reaaal good black tar, and fatty jays.

    fuuuuuuuucked DOWN, hahaha.
  17. I feel ya man I just got off work and blew half that other 80 and popped 2 of my 1 mg footballs Im feeling nice =D. thinking about drinking a nip or two but maybe not haha. but forsure time to smoke =D
  18. oooweee. Picked up 30 Dilaudid 4's. Now when you can afford it, this is the best shit to get down on. Railed me 5 of them and finished it off with a fat bowl of some Master P Kush (out of cali) Anybody tried it?
  19. daaaaaaamn, add like 2g+ of soma, feeling nice n' sedated.

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