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    Well, Grasscity, we're really not doing so hot in terms of showing our appreciation for math here. I mean, I just finished doing a search for thread titles with "math" in them, and you know how many I found? 43.

    This place is old as hell and yet we don't have any record of math-loving?! Unbelievable... just because we blaze does not mean we don't see the beauty in math. I'm sure many (if not all) of you agree with me here.

    Let me just give a few illustrations:

    - Ever used a music visualizer? That's math you're looking at. Even the colors are programmed with math.
    - Ever wondered at the Möbius strip (see the recycling symbol) --> or this:
    [​IMG] (you'll notice that this thing is non-orientable)
    - Ever gave someone change at the cash register? That takes math.
    - Ever bought an 1/8? That's math right there.

    Math isn't all just partial fractions, integrals, derivatives, and exponentials... although I dare say those are all pretty cool aspects of calculus (basic college mathematics). Math is natural law... sure it's broken all the time, just like any law. But from this perspective, the only way we learn more about math and the world around us is to see which rules we can bend, break, and prove.

    If you know bkadoctaj, you know I'm not a fan of proof or proving things. Evidence is cool, but how can you even prove you can prove anything?! Well, in math, since it's a universal human language that strives for simplicity in the midst of incredible diversity and complex interconnectedness, you can prove things. Sure, they're only proven within the realm of math, but when you appreciate that math is found in nature and nature is found in math, the sky's the limit.

    Science is built on and justified by math. Math is how you relate infinity (∞) to one (1). Writing songs takes math (think about that the next time you're blazed or tripping and just marveling at the pure beauty of what you're hearing). Even religions have been justified by math.

    Now, who knows what 0, 1, e, π (pi), and i are?

    Well, regardless... math connects the five most important mathematical numbers into a single true expression:

    e^πi = 0 - 1​

    Even literature has a tough time comparing with that, but luckily math and literature don't compete: they enhance one another through our everyday lives.

    Feast your eyes on:




    Disney - Donald in Mathmagic Land
    [ame=""]YouTube - Disney '59 - Donald In Mathmagic Land (1of3)[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Disney '59 - Donald In Mathmagic Land (2of3)[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Disney '59 - Donald In Mathmagic Land (3of3)[/ame]
  2. fuck math and fuck this thread.

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    all i will need in my life is adding, subtracting, multiplying, and maybe dividing. the other shit i learned is useless to me. just a waste of brain space.

    so, fuck that shit.
  4. Thank you for teaching me the metric system.

    It has came in handy over the years.

    Is that math? O well.
  5. I failed algebra I in highschool, Ill let you be the judge.
  6. To me, learning math for a grade really isn't learning math for the sake of learning math. If that's the reason you guys don't like math... well, I'm sorry you got gypped.
  7. I must be brainwashed, cause all i saw was charlie from numbers :)

    I love you Mr Woodfine :)

    AIM sumtime


  8. Oh of course... you know I wouldn't have made this thread unless I was procrastinating on math homework.
  9. Everything is math, My friend!

  10. Yep, and math's infinite.
  11. I beg to differ:devious:
  12. I love math.

    I always say the best way to prove a point ( / anything ? ), is with numbers.
  13. My like of math stops after addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages and temperatures.

    Honestly, despite what teachers always say..
    Advanced mathematical functions aren't that useful in everyday life.
    I haven't used any since Grade 11.
  14. I was always pretty good in math
    But I was more of an english kid
    Reading is like television for your mind:eek:

  15. And that's cool and all... but addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. are all justified by more complex applications of themselves, for the sake of manipulating desired information.
  16. senior taking AP calculus ftw
  17. Just remember, we created the numbers. ;)

    e^πi = 0 - 1

    I forgot how that goes. :eek:

    Equation square root number infinite. right?
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    Not true.

    The solution to some of the world's greatest problems lies within advanced math and science, as it always has. Think of such inventions as electric energy, nuclear energy, radio and televisions. Many calculations are involved in the invention and foundation of these laws and principles, which led to everyday things like TVs and electricity. Think about your computer. Data being processed by certain algorithms. SO much more. Aeordynamics involved in flight, calculations which effectively tell a pilot how to fly.. In cars.. Everywhere and in everyday tasks.

    Even the world spinning on it's axis involves forces of centripetal acceleration, angular velocity, and more which all have formulas.

    Math is everywhere and the founding of laws and formulas has lead and will lead to some of the worlds greatest breakthroughs in science and technology.

    This is a great point as well. One that reinforces what I meant to say.
  19. Once you've seen one fractal, you've seen 'em all

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