The Masturbation Frequentation Census

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cudderisback, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Alas. I, cudderisback, have come from lurking the depths of Grasscity to cross the socially acceptable boundaries of society and ask you this one private question..

    How often do you jack off, shake hands with the pope, Jill, meet Rosy Palm and her 5 sisters, in a week?

    P.S. Let's count getting pussy/ass as masturbating so the statistics will be more valid.
    Girls, How many times do you get off in a week?

    Let's see how high GC's libido Is, shall we?
  2. Depends on the time in my life....

  3. Hmmm lmao.

    I love masterbating with a vagina! LOVE IT
  4. Haha. I just wanted to see how much GC likes sex, and masterbation seems far more prevalent in the lives of blades than pussy. So I guess I just want to know how many times blades ejaculate/climax in a week.

    Yes. I worded it awkwardly. My apologies.
    Don't hate.
  5. I tried to jerk 7 times before in one day. I finally achieved success after about 4 hours. Afterward, i couldn't figure what hurt more, my hand or my penis. That night, as i laid on my stomach, it became very clear.
  6. Can girls play? :p
  7. Damn, I'm hornier than most of you, since I'm in the 19-24 range I believe. I guess we're smoking different shit.
  8. Well it's real hard to do when people are home. My room is right on the hallway. I don't hear any cracks or creeks when some one comes walking by. The only warning i get is the doorknob turning. Which is only about .5 - 1 sec. Nobody knocks in my house...
  9. hahahaha I like how there is no option for 0
  10. Lately it's been once every 2 or 3 days for me...

    It also depends on whether I'm having sex regularly or not.

    It seems I am either getting pussy on a regular basis, or not getting any pussy at all for any period of time, with no middle ground lol.
  11. Lol, cause everyone gets off, whether they are doing it physically or......dreaming ;)
  12. i dont really need to masturbate since its not that hard for me to get some...
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    All Hail PureImagination!

    I'm looking for ejaculations/climaxes not masterbations, as I said. I mis-worded a lot of this.. Tequila..:rolleyes:

    Anyways. You're coming off as a tad condescending even if you don't mean to. I type this right after fucking my fiancé. But I'm a horny bastard so I masturbate when pussy is out of reach. Morning wood, knowatimean?
  14. i have a high libido, but i like to take a day break so like every 2 days is when you'll know i'll be masturbating. :wave: :smoking:

    sometimes thats pun intended...but i like to save it up and then explode. :D
  15. the poll doesn't go high enough
  16. Add up every number on the poll and you have a typical week for me.
  17. Ya'll really gotta jerk a little less. Can't be healthy...

  18. Wheyyy, me too

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