"The Master" my new bowl

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  1. Bought this beauty like a month and a half ago from my LHS. It packs a LOT of bud in it at one time, at least like 1.3 grams or so. Pictures dont really do it justice, the designs on it are sick and it hits like a champ, everybody i have had smoke outta it coughed like a mofo. I decided on naming it "The Master" because i got high as fuck outta it one day and called it that lolol. all my stoner friends also agree with the name cuz this piece hits like a beast. If only i had better lighting or a digital camera instead of a webcam..



  2. Nice looking pipe. Hard to tell the size in that pic.

  3. yeah i know. i think im gonna try and use my moms digital camera or something at some point to get better pictures
  4. Damn filling that bowl is 30 bucks basically lol half of tank of gas for my truck hahah I like tiny bowls u can always add can't take.away
  5. i hardly ever pack that full. when i smoke solo i only smoke like .3 outta it or so, only packed it full twice, and that was with like 4 or 5 people each time.

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