The mars volta

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  1. wow, i just heard 'dumb waiters' by the mars volta, and it's fucking awesome! It's the most origional and mindblowing music i've heard in ages, i dedicate this thread to them
  2. At the Drive-In is much better. Check out ATDI's song "Napolean Solo". it's the guitarist and singer of mars volta's old band.
  3. i remember listening to ATDI as a kid when my brother used to play it, but i can't remember what it was like. What happened to ATDI anyway? Did they just split or did a load of them die?
  4. de loused in the comatorium is a cd that is worth everyones time.
  5. Another one? How many "Mars Volta" threads are there?

    I think I'll start a TCM thread. Then start it over again. Then again...and again...and again...
  6. haha, not enough my friend, not enough.

    I searched 3 big cd shops for de loused... and the only one i found it in, it was 16 pouds which was more than i had :(
  7. 16 squid for a cd? I thought Norway was expensive. I mean, it's a good band, but they gotta sell'em a bit cheaper than that.
  8. kazaa and a cdr burner is all you need.

    EDIT: and if you do d/l it, for Roulette Dares try to find the summer demo, its better than the real track.
  9. Mars Volta is fucking awesome...but yeah Atd-I is better in my opinion especially relationship of command and acrobatc tentment cause t's kind of punky

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