The Mars Volta

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  1. Amputechture is my fav.


    I have Deloused too and have heard the others but this gets me..

    Any other Mars Volta fans on here?
  2. Right here :wave:
    I like them to big fan of frances.
  3. Scab Dates is fantastic.

    De-loused is my favorite studio album.
  4. Frances the Mute, FTW. All their albums are spectacular, but there's just something about Frances that just hits me every time. I saw them live a couple months ago, and I felt like my brain got scrambled. If you have the chance, please catch them when they're in town or nearby.
  5. i fucking love mars volta. as far as originality (& trippyness) goes theyre up there with pink floyd, in my mind at least.
    if im listening to music when i smoke, mars volta MUST be played. :)
  6. de-loused and amputechture are great, but but tremulant is by far my favorite.
  7. their newest album is the best. hands down. from start to finish i love it
  8. De Loused and Frances are both awesome tripping albums...

  9. Tremulant EP is very different and only 3 songs long. I don't understand how thats your fav?
  10. Yeah. Saw 'em when they last were here.. Was disappointed I couldn't find any acid beforehand.
  11. my friends and i are all about mars volta. we originally found them with their frances the mute stuff and fell in love then we discovered de-loused and the others. i think amputechture is my favorite just because of how experimental it is, but de-loused's concept is incredible. "take the veil...cerpin taxt" is an unbelievable song, if you havent listened to it yet, you must. trust me. :smoking:
  12. its crazy how many people are in the band haha
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    De-Loused is my favorite album by them. I still don't know where I got "Things' Fear" from but it's badass. Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus, Cicatriz, Eriatarka, those are some of my favorites.

    I feel like a bad fan. I haven't even checked out their newest album.
  14. Tremulant is one of my favorites as well, and here's why; it's raw, it's cedric before his voice got trained and they tuned their sound. I still like De-loused the most though, mainly because of Cicatriz ESP.
  15. I like The Widow and Drunkship Lanterns
  16. My boy Thomas on Drums! :hello:

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