The Mars Volta..

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  1. these guys fucking rock..i just saw them live not to long ago..well 24 of Oct. is kinda long a go..but gota say show rocked..for all u that know there alubm..there set list was(of what i can

    Roulette Dares (This is the Haunt)(the opned with for all u Mars Volta fans..u could olny ingame how crasy the crowed whet)

    Drunkship of Lanterns

    Cicatriz ESP

    Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt

    and kinda did whats on the alumb..they just jamed and never stoped in betwwn each song.for like an 1/2 hourn..4 songs and still i was fucking amzied....

    Alumb called... De-loused In The Comratorium..check it out..

  2. you lucky bastard. i love that band.

    i think the drummer must be on some sort of drugs. he's insane.

    and cedric's voice has got a hell of a lot better since at the drive-in.

    everyone should own De-loused....... and play it very very loud with the speakers out of the window :D

  3. lol..yes..yes i

    yea man..hes just as good live then he is on the alumb..just amzing..

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