The Mars Volta

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  1. Just saw them tonight in Arizona, and the show was absolutely brilliant. The opening music set the mood perfectly, and once all the members came up the theater went crazy.

    If anyone is looking for a good jam band to listen to live, look no further. They had some of the most amazing riffs going on for 6-11 minutes straight, stunning music. I'm just kind of sad the show was so short, only 1 hour (not including the intro music.)
  2. I'm quite excited to see them at Voodoo Fest. :)
  3. The Mars Volta are awesome, I havent gotten to see them live yet, but one of these days hopefully ill get a chance to.
  4. I can't wait to see them at Voodoo Fest!
  5. saw them in Philly, amazing show. No banter at all, straight shredding all the way through. Amazing band.
  6. I live in the city where they are from and saw them 2 weeks ago, it was really tight. then the next day they played a secret show at a small club a mile away from my house and saw them again. I am not a huge fan but there live show is really good.
  7. I've been a fan since Deloused in the Comatorium (still think that's their best album) Saw them open for the Chili Peppers a few years ago. I wish I had been less drunk at that point in the show. Note to self: don't let people talk you into doing tequila shots before going to a show you want to remember the next day.
  8. i had to bump this because the mars voltas music legit changed my life i would think i am crazy but i know there are other people who feel this way.. everything they put out is pure gold IMO
  9. i;ve seen them a few times in south florida about 3 and once in georgia my brother deicded to drive from miami to atlanta for a private show he was invited to :O FAMAZING!!!

    de-loused = best album!
  10. im listening to de-louse right now and once take the veil ends i just start it back up gain at son et lumiere this band has legit given music a whole new meaning to me ive missed 3 opportunities to see them and i cant forgive myself
  11. I missed an opportunity to see them too...felt like I committed sin haha
  12. Saw them in Montréal for the Frances the Mute tour.

    2h30 non-stop.

    The live stuff is nothing like the records.

    Cedric collapsing to the floor and what-not.

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