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  1. Anyone? I know theres gotta be some Mars Volta fans out there. And if you havn't heard of them you should definatly check them out. Thomas Pridgen is a rediculous drummer and I can't get enough of the vocal effects.
  2. last summer I was on the same plane to japan with some of the guys from mars Volta. It was omars new band. They were going to play a festival in japan. They sat way in theback. Economy class. I recognized omar from videos on fuse. But I didn't know it was mars Volta till I had the stewardess ask omar. Because I really am not a fan of Volta. But I just thought I'd share this story. How many times can you say your 10,000 feet in the air flying almost half way across the world with legit artists? I can finally say I did.
  3. Yeah man I love them. Saw them last year in Boston when they opened for the Chili Peppers. Amazing concert. One of the best experiences of my life.
  4. I consider De-Loused one of the best albums ever recorded...that CD is pure genius...every album since that has gotten progressively, in my opinion, worse....Frances was a good album but it still couldn't compete with De-Loused...Amputechture just wasn't my thing....except for a few tracks...and their most recent is alright but not better then Frances (again this is all my opinion)

    However with each album that comes out I can never wait to hear where they decide to go with it...they will always keep me intrigued because of De-Loused and their overall bizarre-ness

    edit: at OP...yea their drummer is amazing though...saw him with the Chilis and they were recently playing some live shows on MTV2 and one was Mars Volta so i caught that and it really showed how tight he was
  5. i also consider de-loused one of my top 10 favorite albums. They are a great group and i cant wait untill i get to see them live
  6. they rock!

    Sadly, I don't think they would be as great live. As the layered vocals are what really does it, and I know it's only the one guy who sings. Damn, he's got a great voice though!
  7. Yeah I agree with everyone here. De-loused is the best by far.
  8. Accually they are pretty notorious for putting on some crazy high energy shows. Iv'e still yet to see them but their vocals sound pretty solid on the online videos. He uses this big white mic with a bunch of his effects on it which im sure helps. The lights are killer too. Would sure as hell be a badass experience blazed or on a good shroom trip.
  9. one of my top artists of all times
  10. i've seen them live was right before frances came out...they played almost all of De-Loused in order (didnt play a lot of the filler stuff but had a lot of sick jams) then just played some random tracks from frances...that show was amazing

    then i saw them with the Chilis and they were just was a bit weird though because they lost their orginal drummer halfway through the tour and they didnt have time to teach the new drummer a lot of their material so they played like 3 actual songs and the rest of the time just did some weird jams...i definitely preferred the show where they headlined but it was still kind of entertaining to see them up there
  11. They are a great band, but have gotten less and less great with every album. Saw them live at Bonnaroo 2005, and I actually had to leave after a few songs because I was tripping balls on shrooms and it was a sensory overload.
  12. IMHO they arent that great AT ALL. Especially live, i sAW them when they played with the chilli peppers, and they freakin sucked.... people were leaving just because they were playing so bad, people were heading back to the parking lot to tailgate some more...
  13. don't base your opinion of them off of that show...they suffered a bad loss during the tour and it fucked them up...I saw them when they played their own show and it was amazing

    just blaze and listen to De-Loused
  14. I agree. Deloused was their pinnacle to me. I like Frances and Amputechture but I can't say I've grown to like them more. Over the course of their albums I can tell that Cedric's voice has changed a bit, or they incorporated more processing. I wanted to see them live when Jon Theodore was their drummer but their new one is a beast.

  15. I'm not as big a fan as I was a few years ago, but even then the live performances were the reason I enjoyed their music. Sure, the production quality on the albums is top notch, but the energy in their live performances is what got to me.

    I'm not as down with the newer albums, but it's still worth checking out just because it's very creative stuff.
  16. they really seem like a love-hate band/ either you love em or hate em lol

    i personally love em, i mean how many other bands can u name that plays a song in 29/16
  17. Damn I gotta go listen to Deloused now. I've been a fan for a while and I saw them open for the Chili Peppers in Albany. Awesome show.

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