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  1. Hey everybody i just wanted to share my favorite music ever. A new age psychedelic alternative rock.. They are abselutly amazing. There new album is Bedlam and Goliath. Its great. My favorite album is Amputecures. Anybody els heard of them ??
  2. Can you give me like 5 of their songs that you like that doesn't sound like screeching noise. I like that song "the widow" but all the rest that I have heard didn't sound to appealing. Any suggestions for me to check out?
  3. ive got de-loused in the comatorium, and frances the mute.
    theyre somethin i listen to when im in the mood.
  4. Ok here you go : no screaching lol

    El Ciervo Vulnerado
    Tira Me A Las Aranas

    They albums are .
    Bedlam In Goliath
    De-Loused in the Comatorium
    Scabe Dates
  5. De-Loused in the Comatorium is their best album...nothing else even comes close
  6. Hey the guitarist of The Mars Volta he has multiple solo albums. There are very good a good song is

    Deus Ex Machina A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack Volume One

    It has a spanish twist to it.

    Other good albums by him are :

    Deus Ex Machina 5:03 Omar Rodriguez Lopez

    A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack Volume One


    Please Heat This Eventually

    The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange
  7. hey bonzai, were you into "at the drive in"? thats where that band branched from after one of the bandmates was killed in a car wreck. the entire first album is supposed to be his journey through death. you should give them a try if you never heard of them. its not as clean a psycadelic sound, but its decent stuff
  8. Love em.

    the avvy says it all. huge frances the mute poster on my wall.

    it was kind of funny, im listening to Ilyena right now/as i saw the thread. i'm almost always listening to the mars volta while im ripped.

    + rep everyone in here
  9. I absolutely LOVE the mars volta. they are one of the greatest bands i've ever listened to. My favorite album is definitely the new one--the bedlam in goliath. it completely blew me away when I heard it--it's so good.

    I saw Omar here in the city around the time he was recording the album. my girl and I were walking along St. Marx st. and I saw him but wasn't sure if it was him I was too afraid to ask. It definitely was him but i scared him away staring at him.
  10. yup im a huge fan of their entire collection. Omar Rodriguez Lopez also (as stated above) is a great band leader, with his quintet - hes put out alot of music.:) TMV is a very aquired taste though. you cant just listen to tetragramaton and expect to like it without ever hearing TMV.
  11. love The Mars Volta. Best album is Deloused in the Comatorium hands down.
  12. Yea i was into at the drive-in. But the guy julio that de-loused is about wasnt in the band he was just a close friend and he jumped off a bridge into traffic and prior to that he had overdosed on morphine and went into a coma hence the name de-loused in comatorium. I think any music omar or cedric touches is just so great they are great inspirations.
  13. de-loused is one of my top 10 favorite albums
  14. it is really good. I find that the epic album. I mean like all the other ones are amazing however De Loused gives me the best vibes like i can realate to it much more then others. its great.
  15. Mars Volta are amazing, and I'm seeing them this September. So pumped.
    De-loused by far was their best album, and although I wasn't too happy with Amputechture, Bedlam in Goliath is sick, plus their new drummer is amazing.

    Any one ever read the short story Cedric wrote that prefaced De-loused? Its worth a read I think but his writing style is kind of out there I suppose.
  16. If you guys like TMV check out The sound of Animals Fighting. More punk influenced esp their first album, but good
    Though no denying the gloy that is The Mars Volta!
  17. The story that is told in De-Loused is amazing. Its epic and brings forth many different states of being and emotions. I abslalutely love that album. The song with the most intence emotion i find is Televators. "As his head hits the ground....." says it all the mittle point between a fight with suicide and drugs. Its beautiful. My favortie song in that album is roullete dares most def.

    Anybody got the Scabe Dates album. Its amazing. From take the Veil of Ceprtin taxt to Cicatrix pt 4 . By far my favorite line up in the album....

  18. Epic performance...

    The Mars Volta -

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