The Mars Volta 10/10 Philly

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  1. Any other blades going to this show? I've already got me and my girl's tabs and we're fucking stoked. Their live set has changed drastically with the exclusion of Paul and Adrian. Setlists I've seen are like 15 songs long and cover almost every album they have equally. Not to mention I get to see fucking Thomas Pridgen shred the fuck out.
  2. I really wanted to go to this, but I've got a festival that weekend...

    you live in Philly? I'm out near Trenton, but I go to concerts in Philly like once a week. Maybe we could hang out at a show or something. I've got Mono & Maserati, Faust, Sunny Day Real Estate, Built To Spill, and STS9 coming up.
  3. I'm actually from Richmond, but this'll be the second time I've gone to philly to see the volta... fucking STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD
  4. damn im jealous, I saw the volta about 2 years ago when they came around MN, probably the best live show Ive been to since Rush ha.
  5. If I don't have too many essays due I will fuckin' be there for sure.
  6. went. Fucking awesome. Cedric was sick and coughing up phlegm the whole time, but didn't miss a fucking note. So fucking sweet to see live. And me and my girl held the front fucking row down the whole time. GO SEE THEM

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