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    Edit - It's the 9th of August now and pictures are coming in on a daily basis. Check this thread daily!


    I've been waiting for this for months. This rover is as big as a compact car, has HD video cameras on it, and not to mention a myriad of other scientific instruments (high resolution microscope, spectrometers, etc).

    The thing is so big that they're using a different system to land it. Let's hope it makes it! I will be glued to NASA TV on Sunday. (Update - landed perfectly!)

    The Rover is due to land in the Gale crater (it's just chillin there right now) - which they think was a lake at one point.

    Here's the official site of the rover with a countdown (3 days and 1 hour from this post):

    Space, Stars, Mars, Earth, Planets and More - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    (Edit: That site now contains all of the images and will keep receiving more.)

    Interesting times! Who else loves the red planet and can't wait to see its first HD images of the surface (there were other nice images from rovers, but these are going to be even better)? That's assuming it even lands without fucking up! (It didn't fuck up!)

    I hope it lands ok... It should. We'll all see soon enough! (I said it landed OK, ass-clown!)

    Curiosity rover - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Another edit: This is EXACTLY how I watched it land - the way this guy had his windows and screen set up with the telemetry program and the live feeds (I had two running, he had one):


    Watch in HD! It was amazing to have that same program running that Mission Control had running on their screens!
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  2. Sounds pretty fuckin' legit. It's too bad that most of the interesting stuff (if any is found) will be kept from us.
  3. ^Beat me to it :(

    Cool but I don't really know what were going to find (or if it's worth it).

    But still, I'd rather tax payer money go to stuff like this than war any day.
  4. im wayy more interested in Mars One. Colonizing Mars > robots on mars.
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    It's going to be fucking great, I'm going to Planetfest to be there for the live landing of the rover. Going out to dinner with Jim Bell tonight to talk about the rover with some family of mine and buddies of Jim Bell. Should be a g'd weekend :D

    Getting to see tons of lectures tomorrow about the mission, from and get to go to a dinner with all the donors. Will give ya'll a first hand report

    I highly doubt this project will even go through, who would risk their entires lives to fly to Mars, and remain there until they die? That would be insanely lonely, and after awhile quite boring IMO. I'm waiting for the project to flop

    My uncle has had extended discussions with the people involved on the project, and they've ran the landing simulation millions of times. One of the key people on the project said he was more worried about the takeoff (from earth,) than the actual landing it's self.
  6. 1 day, 18 hours, and 45 minutes until landing as of this post.

  7. So Dawnofwar - do you think it's going to land OK?

  8. Not sure, I don't really feel like I'm qualified to answer this lol.
  9. Do you think they have the feet to meters conversion correct this time? :)
  10. [​IMG]

    I know, right? How could they have fucked that up?! I remember that shit.
  11. 22 hours and 5 minutes to go!!
  12. im gonna have to stay up late sunday for this.
  13. A little over 12 hours until we find out what's happening!
    The landing is for 10:31pm PST time, we should get the final answer at around 10:40-10:45pm.
  14. [quote name='"Frotto"']Sounds pretty fuckin' legit. It's too bad that most of the interesting stuff (if any is found) will be kept from us.[/quote]

    They arent going to keep stuff from us. They may withhold scientific findings that aren't conclusive to.keep people from making

    But.its botnlike there is life on Mars and they are going to.lie about it
  15. well there is over 7 billion people on the planet, im sure a select few would be willing to attempt to colonize mars. i mean if anything they would atleast be known for the rest of everness as the first humans to walk on mars, assuming they survive the landing.
  16. there would be plenty of people willing to go to mars. there were plenty of people willing to go to the moon knowing full well that there was a strong chance they could be stranded there and left to die.
  17. Did it happen?
  18. [quote name='"Virtue 7"']Did it happen?[/quote]

    Its supposd to happen tonight. :3

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