The Marijuana War Is Not Over

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  1. Bill Mahr recently said in an interview with rolling stones that he believes that the war on marijuana is over. We are here to show that he is wrong and we are making a documentary to prove it. You might of seen my other post with our indiegogo campaign kickoff. This is our new video of Jerry Lee Duval, who didn't take a plea bargain, turned himself into a medical prison on June 11th, 2013. He is serving a ten year sentence for being a medical marijuanapatient. His son Jeremy Duval is currently serving his five year sentence. Please pass it around and get the word out to everyone that the Marijuan War IS NOT over by any means. Also, visit our campaign page if you would like to help and get involved. You can find us on facebook and Twitter. Check us out!

    @TheMarijuanaWar (#POMW)

    We also have a petition to pardon Jerry Lee Duval, so please sign and pass it on to your friends. Thank you all so much. If you would like to get involved with our cause, send me an email at Thank you all!
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  2. Wow i watched that video and read a few things in the links you provided. Its time to stop this bullshit currupt prohibition and free innocent people who have done nothing wrong.

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  3. Thanks a lot for your support ILikeWeedxD! We are working very hard to promote these cases and hopefully some of these prisoners will win their appeals after our documentary is released. We are currently sending around a petition to pardon Jerry Lee Duval from prison. With him in prison, the American public is paying 1.2 million dollars in tax money to support him in prison. Plus he used medical marijuana for his medical conditions, so there is no reason for him to be serving time. If you would like to sign out petition or get involved in anyway you can email me. Thanks again for the support. 

  4. Over!? As far as I know the war is just getting started. I'm not finished fighting until I can buy my legal ganja just like I can buy everything else.
  5. Until people realize that not only is smoking marijuana is not a victimless crime, it's not a crime at all, then the fight is not over.
  6. Thank you for your support Piepgras and Stoner Apocalypse. Not only is it victimless but it's filling up our prisons with people who are not criminals, but medical patients as well, which no one should go for using medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. Patient 0 or Robert Randall went to trial for growing marijuana for medical purposes. He suffered from Glaucoma and marijuana kept him from going blind. It was because of him that the federal government started the first federal medical marijuana program. Any other patients that use medical marijuana should not have to suffer in prison for using it. 
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  7. The government leaving peaceful people the hell alone should suffice.
    I could care less about buying a "pack of joints" at the 7-11. That's all about profits.
    This is about human rights.
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  8. It is hard to believe that the government is able to heartlessly send a person to prison simply for medicating themselves!! I know it is true but the logic behind this is completely missing... The feds have to be some of the most greedy and inhumane people to ever exist. I seriously believe that they need to experience the full effects of injustice before there is any chance of their tyranny coming to an end. 
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  9. It will never be over.. at least not in the United States. As long as it stays illegal there will continue to be a flow of people going to prison simply for possessing or smoking it. It is a completely unjustified law based on government lies and propogana that has long been debunked yet it's image remains the same :(

    I am thankful to live in Canada, where it is not so monitored and punished.. but I think the simple fact that Marjuana is illegal and criminalized is just ONE reason that proves that the government is corrupt.
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