The Marijuana War Is Not Over

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  1. Bill Mahr recently said in an interview with rolling stones that he believes that the war on marijuana is over. We are here to show that he is wrong and we are making a documentary to prove it. You might of seen my other post with our indiegogo campaign kickoff. This is our new video of Jerry Lee Duval, who didn't take a plea bargain, turned himself into a medical prison on June 11th, 2013. He is serving a ten year sentence for being a medical marijuanapatient. His son Jeremy Duval is currently serving his five year sentence. Please pass it around and get the word out to everyone that the Marijuan War IS NOT over by any means. Also, visit our campaign page if you would like to help and get involved. You can find us on facebook and Twitter. Check us out!

    @TheMarijuanaWar (#POMW)

    We also have a petition to pardon Jerry Lee Duval, so please sign and pass it on to your friends. Thank you all so much. If you would like to get involved with our cause, send me an email at Thank you all!
  2. Sorry everyone this one was an accidental duplicate and I couldn't delete it. I don't want everyone thinking that we are trying to spam the boards.

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