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The Marijuana Price Guide 2

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dopestats, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Oh wow, that's pretty badass. Thanks for sharing, +rep from me
  2. Good work man. I hope people will actually use it!
  3. it looks good but it was bs for my area it said you could get an O of mids for cant get them for that cheap, no less than 90 for mids here
  4. Thats funny, that little green spot in Pennsylvania is the county I live in.
  5. awsome man, +rep
  6. Awesome. Glad to hear this may be useful. Everything should work out as long as everyone answers truthfully.
  7. The price for your county in Texas is different cause someone is probably getting it at that rate. Compare the prices you see to the number of uses in that county. If the number of uses is low, then there isn't enough data to report a good average. Try giving it a stat to improve the average.. :)
  8. Let me invite anyone who ask the following types of questions:

    "How much does weed cost in your area?"
    "Prices in California" <=> "Prices in [state]"

    to visit DopeStats and submit this information. Their system is better for anyone who seeks this information, while it allows users to discuss the information on individual resources such as GrassCity.

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