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The Marijuana Diet

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DJ_DuBZ_4-2-0, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. so i just read the thread that dubbz08721 posted about controlling munchis. When i read this i became interested and searched for controlling munchies on google. it took me to another grasscity thread where a guy was saying that when ur high ur metabolism speeds up and as long as u dont eat a lot u will lose weight fast. He said he lost a lot of weight doing this. and im kinda fat and i guess u can see y this idea would appeal to me. So before i go out for a jog after smoking sum blunts, can sumone tell me what they think about this???
  2. I lost alot of wieght like 18 months ago droped 40 pounds while smoking every day. I also changed my eating habbits and worked out.
  3. so did u work out in addition 2 smoking? or just smoked?? n how much did u eat

    i swear if smoking bud makes me skinny im dropping out of school moving to amsterdam n smokin everyday
  4. I believe weed speeds up the metabolism. It seems it does that for me. And whenever I control the munchies for a while I can tell I'm burning more fat than when I'm sober
  5. I hope not, I can't afford to lose weight, I'm skinny enough as it is!
  6. tomoro im gona try chiefin befor gym class cuz were playing basketball the only sport i where i work hard. ill c what happens. also my gym teacher is a TWeak. LoL.
  7. I lost 10 pounds in a week. The difference was seriously controlling my munchies.
  8. all you gotta do is eat the right munchies... healthyish foods... im not talkin like eating tofu n shit but yall know the difference btw junk n healthy foods.

    After smoking for 2 years almost daily... my body doesnt get hungry untill i get high... its usually around meal times so it works out and it also helps me to control it when i get high late at night. If smoking does increase ur metabolism then smoking right before bed is an ideal time. Also DO NOT EAT alot of food within a few hours of going to be... it will have a huge affect on weight loss/gain

    EDIT: High as fuck, missed first class today sorry for the ramble
  9. only sport in gym i ever worked at was dodgeball. good way to take out some anger, and floor hockey
  10. whenever i get high and go for a run or light weights, i can always do more. Its amazing
  11. Ya I've actually been noticing something like this over the last 3 weeks.

    1. I can do quite a few more reps while stoned.
    2. I can hop on tredmill and run and zone out into a tv show/movie and run a lot longer than I was going to
    in 16 days im down 4 pounds.. might not seem like a lot but considering I eat whatever I want it's pretty good
  12. man i can tell you from first hand experience, that when i started smoking weed at 15 i was a lil bit pudgy ahaha. by 17 i was skinny, and thats smokin every day. was prolly 165 at 15, 5'9, at 17 160 and 6'0
  13. smoking everyday makes you lose fat!
    i can tell from experience! i wasn't fat, but i lost like 20% of my total weight in 3years as a result from smoking everyday

  14. i wouldnt recommend smoking blunts before, theres alot of shit in the wrap, and thats some harsh smoke to be debilitating to your lungs.

    Its not that you cant run, its the avioli in your lungs dont expand to their fullest, leaving you with a shortened breath. but yeah man, it really works.

  15. i controlled my munchies and lost 30 pound in a little less and 2 months
  16. i eat like crazy when im stoned
    i work out everyday too though

    who cares if your a lil overweight?
  17. I work out everyday stoned, it is WAYYY better than sober. If you have the bike thing in your gym, go on that shit when your high. Put on some nice jimi hendrix/bob marley and close your eyes. You'll seriously feel like your riding on a beach of clouds. Well, thats how I felt lol
  18. Running is cool but I wouldnt recommend weight lifting while high. unless you're really focused on how youre lifting and what youre doing becuase you might hurt yourself.

    I'm in the opposite spectrum, I need to gain muscle. I just changed my diet, correctly work out regularly ( 1.5 hrs a day, break on weekends), and smoke at the end of the day. I'm noticing some great results all around after only 3 weeks
  19. I concur. I control my munchies and try to keep my eating in tune with normal meal times. Doing this I've stayed the same weight, actually lost a bit, despite having a relatively bad (read: college) diet. And this is smoking daily. And it's not like I was heavy AT ALL to begin with, and now I actually have some muscle tone because I've lost fat; I guess weed is like Lipozene! lol. Yeah, anyway, I'm 5'10", 130, and I smoke daily.
  20. I usually don't eat when I'm high for the same reason bro. I just have my munchies on lockdown, I don't get them really. If you eat proportionately like 3 square meals a day while smoking alotta weed, I could see that working. Good luck man.

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