The Many Ups of Adderall

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    Oh yea, I know so many of you love it, and a lot of you probably hate it equally as much.

    Just wondering how many people here use it more regularly, at least more than here and there. I use Addy usually two, sometimes three times a week. Normal doses are 40mg, but I like 60 as well. I'm not really into tweaking out by taking a very high dose, but I've done very high amounts in time periods at only 6' 130lbs I've done 240mg in 20 hours, 200mg in 12 hours, and just a few other times I'll stress my body a bit and see where it takes me.

    I alter my dose and how it's administered based on the day's schedule. All I have at the time now is XR (extended release) capsules with the beads in them, but it tends to come in hand at times.

    I usually crush the beads inside the capsule and take that powder orally for a ~8 hour "high", whether I'm using it just to get through the day, or to make the day more enjoyable. Adderall make me into the person I used to be; the person without all the anxiety and other insanity going on inside my head; I feel normal, in the best way possible; it feels absolutely amazing and I immediately fell in love, even though it isn't even a buzz of sorts, but a state of mind. I become who I see myself being later on in life; outgoing, happy, fun to be around, it's an endless list of positive personality traits. That feeling that everything is just fine, and will be as long as you never give up and never stop believing in yourself... that mindset itself is euphoric and very likely may be my favorite outcome of taking Adderall, especially because that mindset tends to stick with me throughout the week, helping me deal with my anxiety and accomplish my goals.

    If I have to be up for more than say... 10 hours and I'm feeling tired I'll sometimes take 20mg instant (crushed) and 20mg extended for a better come-up and just a simple stimulation throughout the day. Rarely, but ocassionally, I'll take 40mg extended, which takes away any feeling of "tweaking" where my mind is manifesting thoughts hastily and continuously like the instant release gives me. Even at 20mg instant and 20mg extended I lose almost all of that "tweak" feeling. Taking the Adderall extended usually lasts ~14 hours.

    I don't really have comedowns. A couple times I've felt shitty, but it wasn't all that bad... even though I felt terrible; it was nowhere near unbearable. Having my Klonopin script helps a lot and of course the ganja helps. I guess I never had my worst comedowns because it was after being up three or more days and I had already been hallucinating and just acting irrational from sleep deprivation (it's a crazy feeling that I somehow enjoy; borderline amphetamine psychosis) and I was just so tired (in a dazeeee) that poppin a few kpins and/or smoking a bowl or three I would just pass out virtually instantaneously and wake up feeling refreshed & rejuvinated.

    Well, I love Adderall. It's now my pharm of choice by a million miles. I used to love my klonopin, but nowadays benzos just have ceased to effect me at all, whereas they only relaxed me beforehand. I got about a dozen of these, so for a few days expect some long, intricate and/or rambling posts by yours truly, haha :wave:

    Peace & Respect
  2. nice, some of my friends say the same great things you are saying about adderall, ill have try it one day to see how i like it.
  3. use 2 take 20mg XR for school and stuff and I didnt really like it I felt 2 much like a "zombie"
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    That XR shit is a fucking all-day-roller coaster ride. I cant get any tho. When I had some I would crush the balls and take orally 60-100mg. It really does KILL any and all negative thoughts and insecurities. It makes menial tasks absolutely engaging. Makes it impossible to eat or sleep, even after all the effects wear off. Its a serious drug with alot of side effects. My mental state is not right for a day or so after, a bit dark actually.

    You have to be in the mood for uppers. Just when you think its over its going to kick your ass again and send you soaring. I talk my ass off and want to know everything about EVERYTHING and everyone is my friend when Im high on it. The later portion of the high I found myself having a crazy happy outlook, then a split second later dreadful thoughts/feelings of despair and paranoia all within the same 30 second thought pattern...over, and over, and over, until the comedown which can suck balls. Oh ya and I post like a fuckin crazed wolf, very detailed and grammatically correct.

  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean about it just destroying any and all negative thoughts and about eating, but sleep I never really have trouble... I'm either binging so not planning on sleeping or I time passing out around comedown time. What I have noticed is that if I take it to escape from some bad thoughts as soon as I come down the bad thoughts come back multiplied by at least five times the magnitude, and I just have to pass out or take more Adderall to get it to go away, but other than that... I don't have a problem with it, I only feel sad/like shit for a few hours after if I'm taken a lot and haven't slept, being tired will naturally make me irritable, but besides that, my state of mind is perfectly fine, if not that night, the next morning for sure. There are just so many things it has been helping me conquer because I don't plan on taking these for an extended period of time, and so far that statement is seemingly going to be true. They are simply giving me that edge I've been looking for to keep me focused, confident, on task, motivated, productive, ya know... progress in general.

    However, the most I have dosed at one time is 60mg, even though I've taken very high amounts in time periods, I keep my dosing smaller, so that may help with the easier comedown. I just have it a lot easier with Adderall comedowns than most people, otherwise.

    At 40/60mg doses instant release (taking beads from capsule and crushing them, then taking that powder orally on an empty stomach) I get it lasting ~8 hours, but I still feel stimulated for ~10 hours easy.

    At 40/60mg doses extended relases (taking beads orally) I get it lasting ~12 hours, but it lasted ~16 hours when I first was taking the Adderall more often. These effects are never nearly as intense or "tweaky" as instant release, but it's more a constant stimulation. If I had taken more in the first dose I'm sure I would feel something, but I keep the doses small or at least somewhat small.

    /Adderall hehe


    I'm really not an upper fan. The only two uppers I really care to do is MDMA and Adderall (Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine I believe). I used to HATE my heart beating fast along with palpitations. I hated a lot things the adderall caused that a panic attack could cause too, or at least I was sure I would... when I first took Adderall I didn't feel any of that anxiety I was sure I would experience. I was happppy, content, it was whatever. I think I came close to a seizure, though, because after around 140mg I smoked another bowl (I had been smoking bowls after every line). Now, I was being an idiot, I admit that. First time with Adderall knowing I dislike uppers almost always. I took 240mg in a span of 20 hours all insufflated... moronic, yes yes I know, I take it all orally now.

    So... it was I believe the seventh pill (~140mg of Adderall) and I smoked the bowl, everything was good in the neighborhood. I stood up from my bed and it all hit me at once. My vision immediately went significantly blurry. It felt familiar, yet so new... I'm sure it was merely my vision being blurry, but everything looked as though it was breathing, as though I was coming up on a psychedelic. The euphoria... incredibly intense. Not sure how to intricately describe it, but it was VERY intense, and at the time I didn't even like smoking a lot; I prefered to stay chill and not get really fucked up, I felt uncomfortable when I was too high during that time period. I would think I would freak because my vision just went crazy, I got a huge rush as I stood up (I know partially high blood pressure rush), the euphoria multiplied in intensity by about 50x in a matter of no more than a second.

    I just let out this big ass smile from ear to ear, said out loud, "Hell yeaaaaaaaa" and fell back onto my bed...

    I try to imagine the outcome of that if I had a seizure instead... I got lucky that time, but I learned a decent amount of information regarding my body's limits with Adderall, which I test to this day. For one it tends to bring on Sleep Deprivation earlier, the hallucinations that is. It's much "trippier" too, your mind plays a lot more tricks on you; you can almost expect it, but it is hard to explain. I will write about it if I binge for a few days and don't sleep, otherwise I won't know how to formulate that feeling in words for quite some time.

    As for talking... I believe this post speaks for itself hehe :p

    Right now I'm like at the beginning of coming down / just getting into it, so I'm not typing as grammatically correct or being as descriptive; a lot of times probably too wordy.

    I type a shitload either way, but when I start to come down my typing changes again, and I find it harder and harder to type; it stops flowing out and I have to think about what I'm saying again. Talking you just can't stop me varying which person I am with. I can control myself and act what's considered perfectly normal if I have to, such as I took Adderall on a heavily-scheduled day and at one point had to go out to dinner with the family, along with Grandma... no problems there.

    However, I'm sittin with my girl earlier when I was first coming up and I could not for the life of me stop going on and on about whatever, from one topic to the next, conspiracies one minute, medicinal benefits of cannabis the next, to who knows what.

    As you can see, I rambled a lot more, so...

    /Adderall x2 (seriously stopping now)
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    nice 4:20 post

    but anyway. i used to love Adderall. used to take it a lot. it used to do be that i'd only take it every sunday. then it was a couple times a week, then it was everyday...., until i was up for 3 straight days at least once a week.

    but that was years back, and im' better now.

    just be careful with it.
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    Luckily right now my supply is very limited. My girlfriend gives me some of hers. She is scripted the 20mg XR capsules, and every now and then (more often than not actually) she only takes half her prescribed dose of 40mg of the XR a day. I don't pay or anything, and she likes givin them to me because it helps so much with my anxiety which consequently makes me happy, in return she is happy too... still makes me feel like a junky mooch sometimes, I admit, but we both realize the undeniable medicinal properties I attain through Adderall when used correctly. I've been handling pharms for a long time and my body seems invulnerable to physical dependency (not trying to jinx this blessing), but I believe it has something to do with how my body digests the pill to begin with as I have a strange reaction with drugs in general; my reactions tend to be of the much less common or the effect of the drug is great decreased in terms of intensity (kinda like I'm only taking half the dose I really did take), as though my body is naturally tolerant to the chemical, or it's destroying the majority of the chemical before it's "activated" which is what I believe has occured with Klonopin seeing as I can't find any way that it helps or even effects me, period, anymore.

    Before benzos at least I could pop a few before smoking and it made the high more enjoyable. I gained nothing from them unless I smoked on them, or I could drink ~hour after taking my dose and my alcohol tolerance (which is naturally freakishly high and I hate drinking) goes completely down the drain; I become close to a lightweight. I would say my favorite recently was a kpin, couple Js, then some long island iced tea; in that order. Great for a summer buzz while chillin wherever, whenever.

    Anyways, I'll stop rambling now... I gotta get my addy and smoke on, already :smoke:

    Just to add... I really don't believe I'll come anywhere near dependent on Adderall, but I do understand the possibility of it. I apparently don't entirely trust my judgment on this topic because I feel a bit uneasy about it. Never experiencing any sort of addiction before, I never want to start. Luckily, my body's reactions to these drugs has helped me keep their usage in moderation; everything but bud gets moderated :p Just wouldn't like to be just another statistic... just another one of those guys that started with moderation and moved onto full-time... the possibility is always there. I would call this the most probable (by far, actually... no contest) chemical of me getting addicted to if I were to become addicted to one.
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    The many ups of adderall.
    You do shit and it's done. Don't you love that feeling?

    You become INSANELY productive.
  9. Man this shit IS my productive. My entire life I've lacked motivation, and because of that I've missed out on a lot of shit to put it short; I fucked up a lot of times...

    With this, I could write a novel... I can actually be outside all day with a shitload of people and not feel all the introvert properties of my personality start to come out, because normally I'm a pretty quiet guy, more of an observer, obviously not like this while on Adderall. It gets rid of all my anxieties, oh man... I could just go on and on, and I could, but I'll stop myself here hehe. :p

    I just took 40mg instant (crushed XR beads) orally and smoked a bowl about 10 minutes ago or something, so I'm feelin fuckin fancy right now :D:smoke:

  10. that's what got me hooked. i loved being able to do everything that i never had time for before. i've lacked motivation my entire life and just feel down bc i basically don't have any skills or impressive talents or anything to me as a person, but when i took them I could keep up with everyones skills and everything just made more sense to me. it made me more normal and i liked it bc i didnt' feel like i was an outsider anymore. but that was also the downfall.

    the appetite suppressant, the water weight loss, the improved focus and concentration, it all seemed too good for me. i guess that's why i started taking it more?

    i don't know, i don't knock it at all. i loved it, but i'm just past it. i simply can't do it anymore, and i've accepted that.
  11. i feel something similar and yet differnet when I'm on concerta......

    Suprisingly, it boosts my appetite... I usually eat next to nothing... on concerta i feel voracious. I feel like i'm burning so much energy that my body is eating itself from the inside out. I feel like i have so much energy I 'm practically humming... like a generator.......

    But they do nothing socially for me. Xanax made me talkative and outgoing like you guys say adderall does for you.....
  12. I dabble in phentermine every once and a while. This morning is one of those times. I have to take them really early in the morning or there's no way in hell I get any sleep at all the following night. They also make me immune to weed and alcohol, my sleeping pills, tylenol PM... I very very rarely drink and I drank enough rum to knock me out cold and it didn't phase me (until the next day at work when I was running on no sleep). I smoked dank which hardly ever comes around this shithole and it didn't effect me. Not at all.
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    Yeah, originally benzos had little effect on me. Just taking them alone I would get absolutely zero effect; except for when I first started taking Klonopin it helped my anxiety, but that didn't last all that long. I couldn't get high from any benzo, and believe me... I've tried, I just didn't. So right away I wasn't able to use them recreationally, which I know helped keep me independent from them.

    I'm scripted Klonopin, and my friends have Xanax and Ativan so we have a lot of fun with those... I slowed down and now completely stopped. I just take the Klonopin here and there now, because its lost all effect on me, even when smoking, whereas before if I smoked after it made the higher much more chill and much more enjoyable. Just over time gradually that feeling went away. Klonopin was by far the best for me, personally. It worked better than the other benzos I tried before that didn't give any relief.

    Now Adderall gives me everything Klonopin ever gave me plus so much more every time I take Adderall I attain every one if it's benefits, there's no "didn't work" or anything like that, in regards to the year or so I was seeing a psychiatrist, which about seven of those months was spent switching medications for all the shit going on in my head. It hasn't failed me yet, but I'm not really expecting it to be as perfect as it has been forever.


    Klonopin + Weed
    High is virtually the same, however, my muscles feel more loose and relaxed, especially my shoulders. It feels like all my muscles that are normally tensed up, are now relaxed and It feels amazing.
    *this is when I first started smoking with the Klonopin

    Adderall + Weed
    I like an indica a lot for this; makes a nice combination of sensations. Feeling a full body buzz, even my face is feeling fucked right now, but my eyes are wide open. There's a different euphoric feeling flowing in my body right now; that of Adderall being taken before smoking. My body feels... clearer; this is very difficult to describe. I feel the most of this euphoria in my legs. They feel energetic, but luckily are not restless. All movements feel more fluid. I feel much happier; Adderall + Weed you know I'm gonna be in a great mood! With Klonopin It doesn't help my introvert personality one bit, but this buzz gives me a more outgoing personality and the euphoria it gives just feels so good :D It makes the high much more cleaner... you don't feel like not moving and looking like your stereotypical stoner, you wanna be productive.

    My Two Problems With Adderall
    1. While on it there's always that urge to do more every time.
    2. It makes me crave smoking so I smoke A LOT of bud, which while trying to conserve, is not a good thing.
  14. I've never gotten my hands on Adderall, but when I take these Phentermine I don't smoke weed for at least a day after, otherwise I just waste it all.
  15. thats a bummer, dude :(

    There are very few things in this world that don't mix well with weed, unfortunate that is one of them.
  16. Ive used it only once to study for an exam and loved it. Did not feel unusual or high at all, except for the most unusual thing that it made this extreme academic slacker (and I mean extreme, needed a support group just to get homework done) able to focus and actually enjoy studying.

    I don't have ADD though, anyone know how I can get a script for adderall? Looking to use it for scholastic purposes, honestly.
  17. Yea, the high Adderall gives can be subtle at times. Sometimes you don't feel any body buzz, or overly-stimulated, but sit down with a pencil in hand and you could draw a perfect picture, drawn very intricately with fine details.

    When I play older FPS games such as Counter-Strike Adderall gives back that adrenaline rush I used to get when I first played; when the game was enjoyable sober, heh. With the rush I get from being on Adderall, along with it making me better by a vast amount, it makes the game fun as hell to play for a short period of time.

    The Many Ups...
  18. Does it benefit your life in any other ways? With work? With school? I know you mentioned it made social situations easier, but I've never seen that happen with Adderall! Crazy!

    Currently I'm prescribed to 5mg XR (Yes, 5mg! I'm so sensitive to stimulants!) and I feel like it helps out with school, work, and getting tasks done if I focus on that particular task.

    I just don't understand why people take them for fun when they don't have anything to do. What's the point?
  19. The stimulants I take every once in a while work wonders with school and work, which is usually the only reason I take them (mostly work). I remember the first time I went to work on them at the end of the day my manager told me "you were fucking phenominal today." I think I might talk to my doctor about it at my next appointment, cause they most definitely help me be productive.
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    I would do them even if I had a day of sitting around at home planned. It even makes AIM convos incredibly engaging. And when my hearts racing on it, I keep playing music back to back, like I cant sit in silence. Adderall molds me into the kind of person I see myself as wanting to be.. you see, Im a very shy, socially inept guy by nature. I keep to myself, and I have extreme anxiety depression from time to time. Benzos dont do shit for me recreationally except put me to sleep (like taking trazodone, all of it just shuts my brain off).

    Do you get the mad paranoia from the addies? Like I think everybody hates me or thinks the worst of me...or even that they have a hidden agenda/relationship or are withholding a secret from me that I dont know about.

    You really need to take a step back and asses what/if there are an positives the drug is doing for your life, and the risks if any. For example I think occasional use reminds me of my goals, even when Im sober I can remember what it felt like to WANT to accomplish those tasks with every ounce of my being and it helps a bit after the experience. But Im already thin enough, so I cant afford to not eat ever really lol.

    cigs are great when your hyped. Weed adds a new level of high...your high and happy, but at the same time youre not because the adderall is such an over powering drug.. its a weird sensation. Oh ya, and it increases the size of your pancreas or whatever temporarily, so it pushes on your bladder and makes you have to pee CONSTANTLY.

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