The Manics Never made it in the USA

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Switch, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. someone told me today that the manic street preachers are unheard of in the US. This I cannot believe as they ROCK yer socks off... ok- everyone who hasn't heard them make for kazza- I'd start with Kevin Carter....
  2. The real reason the Manics never made it over in good ol' you es o ay is simple:

    They're Welsh I believe, and after letting Tom Jones into the country (see the damage he caused...) those yankee doodle dandees are a bit more wary of 'from the valleys' musical artistes. Can you blame them.

    The same thing goes over here in sunny blighty. Remember the terrible time we had with Bryan Adams spending 13 weeks at number one. Well, we learnt our lessons hard and as soon as Curtis Stygers showed his face at Heathrow - HE WAS OUT. And if I see that man in the UK ever again, I swear, I'm not a violent individual by nature but I'd like to see what colour his entrails are on a cold winters morning.

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