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the Mango Theory...

Discussion in 'General' started by mrsofficer9, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. im sure you have heard the theory that eating a mango before you smoke gives you a more intense high and it lasts longer. well whoever came up with that should know that it is a dumb idea to give a stoner a mango and expect them to figure out how to cut and peel it. lol. i highly doubt this works, but i just happened to have a mango laying around, so with some difficulty i cut it up and just finished eating it. now im going to wait a bit and smoke. if i get higher, awesome, if it doesnt work, that was a good mango so i dont care. what are your opinions on this whole mango thing? do you like mangoes? ever tried to cut one up? this is the place to discuss mangoes. and to see if they can really make you higher.
  2. Yes people have tried, and yes it works. Myrcene is a nice little chemical found in some strains of weed and in ripe mango's and can increase your high significantly.
  3. and they're fuckin delicious :p
  4. I got to thinking just now, "Have I ever even had a mango before?" so I looked up a picture to see what they look like. I can't say I've seen them sold in grocery stores around me, maybe because I've never paid attention before though.
  5. its not a theory dog it works its a fact just eat a mango 45 minutes before u smoke
  6. Do dried mango's work? I love dem shits
  7. Ripe mango's are the shit my friend. If you haven't tried one yet you should get on that :p

    I have tried this theory a few times and didn't notice any significant difference in my high. But I still approve of it because it involves eating delicious mango's.
  8. I've never heard of this before, but now I want to try it.

    I'm gonna go pick a mango :smoking:

    Edit: nevermind, it's not mango season:(
  9. get the drink called "naked" get the mango one it has 1 and 1/4 serving of real mango.

    dont fuck with that fake mango shit. drink it like 30 minutes before u blaze. i did this and i got ripped
  10. I remember buying one once, and I had no fucking clue how to eat it haha.

    I figured it out though, crises averted.

  11. +rep for the suggestion

    So much easier to drink that than buying an unripe mango (all I can find in the grocery stores around me), waiting for it to ripen, and then cutting it up... but mangoes are still so delicious.
  12. thanks for the tip.
    what fake mango shit?
  13. I'm gonna have to test this theory.
  14. like artificial mango juice that has no real mango in it
  15. anyone even THINK that dried mango's will work? I honestly buy dried mango's by the pound.
  16. dude i did this for the first time a while back cause i saw it under one of the forums and it kinda made my face red and i was extremly high but nothing out of the norm except my face being red, then i did it a second time and it was just a normal high, so dont know if it truly works
  17. No, they won't do anything as they have all the juice sucked out of em. Thats the part you want.
  18. damnit
  19. He knows what the fuck he's talkin 'bout:p
  20. It works trust me. But you're right about knowing how to peel it. Right after I first heard about the mango theory I was extremely ripped in a deli and decided to buy a mango. Not knowing anything about mangoes, I bit into it and swallowed the peel lmao. My friends even warned me not to eat the peel, oh well haha it still tasted good

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