The man without a memory

Discussion in 'General' started by Muscles Mchenry, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Damn, Thats somethign else.
  2. That is so sad.. I feel for them.. Culd you even imagine that? It is one of my worst fears. That is why I take so many pictures. Going to play w/ my son now.. Live in the moment!
  3. i mean, what if his wife died, and dude would have to rediscover she was really gone every day of his life, that would be terrible....
  4. Oh man thats soo sad. Its like he only exists and nothing else.

  5. thats crazy but he seems happy, "oh yes" he said that a lot, and he smiled a lot too..--

  6. Its kinda funny how he thinks he only sees that girl every few years or so.
    Gets so excited every time.
  7. oh man ..."to have no place in time" ...that was a touching glad he can at least remember his wife ...
  8. WOW. what a beautiful message.
  9. My first reaction to seeing this video was to go to that man, give him some weed, and some video games, and help his brain to reconstruct his life. :)
  10. yes, what a great idea. Give him video games and that will be the way to reconstruct his mind. If you did that he'd probably get hooked on GTA and that would be trouble...
  11. I bet, if nothing else, his wife appreciates all the attention she gets from him every time they meet.
  12. he seems like he's very happy all the time. He can't remember anything, including anything bad. To us it looks like his life is horrible, but to him, which is all that really matters, he is very happy.

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